Virginia, President Trump, ABC discussed on Dave Maetzold


No governor telling people to put anger aside and he was told to reach out to fellow citizens ryan burrow abc news charlottesville virginia president trump called for unity and blamed quote many sides for the violence during the day that drew criticism from religious leaders and lawmakers for not denouncing hate groups by name the white house clarifying his statements today saying that the president yesterday condemned all forms of violence bigotry and hatred and of course that includes white supremacists kkk neonazis and all extremist groups the investigation into the possible hate crimes continues the suspected driver or twenty two twenty year old james fields is in custody charged with second degree murder national security advisor lieutenant general h r mcmaster on abc's this week says he doesn't believe the us is any closer to war with north korea and at than than what we were a week ago despite the escalation in rhetoric from both sides he called on allies this time for all nations including china russia as walls or close out laws japan or south korea to work together toward a common goal of denuclearizing the the the korean peninsula general mcmaster says the time has now for the allies to make a concerted effort in dealing with the threat you're listening to abc news news radio 610 wtvn alison wyant the ohio man being held for driving.

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