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Threatening this city his future one long being also known as citrus greening so that our industry dozen suffered the manner in which our colleagues in mexico brazil florida and texas have suffered nelson says to made its way into southern california but it hasn't jumped into the commercial citrus groves yet in anaheim kris ankarlo kfi news businesses in malibu officially have until june 1st to use up all their plastic stras and utensils the city council gave final approval for the plastic bam last night the city says it will give each restaurant a box of environmentallyfriendly stras with the slogan keep it clean malibu and new survey shows people in california think workers should get some financial help if they lose their job to a robot overall the gallup northeastern university survey shows americans are split gallup editor in chief frank newport says the division is along party lines so it's not surprising californians are somewhat more supportive of the idea that the overall us population he said silicon valley is actually pushing the idea because it sees universal basic income as needed all kinds of jobs are going to be supplanted by machines and computers and robots that can do the job more efficiently and cheaper however eighty percent of supporters say the company that hires robots should cough up higher taxes to pay for it corbyn carson kfi news police in redlands have solved the theft of a cash box from a girl scouts cookies sailed a crime got a lot of attention this month because redland's police officers association pitched in hundreds of dollars to make up for the loss please say late last week they saw car and driver matching the description of one of the leads in the case they pulled the woman over for traffic violations as she confessed she's written a letter of apology and says she plans to pay the money back police have forward a criminal charges to the da's office traffic now from your helpful socal honda traffic center there's a crash and paramount.

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