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Great metaphor. Great metaphor with they used to call the fire fall, the Firefox. They don't do it anymore. The mountain up there at six nine o'clock at night under above were camp. Curry is still there. They used to draw push big flaming blogs that had fallen down down a two thousand foot cliff, and and hit rocks blow and would all go out and everything, but they did it every night in the summertime, and I was six or eight when I first saw it, and it was awesome. Just the most amazing thing and thousands of people would be there every weekend looking at this thing. And then they finally had to stop it. Because the ecologist said, oh, it's not natural. And like, and they're worried about something. I don't know what. So they don't do it anymore. But it was the sense of wonder and seeing that something that's impossible is happening. It's not a waterfall only work is Vicky assembly right or you've got waterfalls in the daytime. And at night, you've got fire falling down downs. Wonderful looks like. Flaming water and that had a major effect on me seeing that. Yeah. At least me to the question. Can you kinda guy like you? That knows how things work maintain his sense of wonder when you go when you walk into that movie theater. Is it hard it gonna work on? Are. They worked on it. All the time to remind myself. I'm a kid. Yeah. And to, you know, bring back stuff feelings I had when I was a kid you got to or else, you'll get kind of jaded and and board, and you know, there's a lot of excitement when you're, you know, six eight years old same question. Three years old. Can you can you do that? I mean, you've been in the business so long you've seen everything you've been a part of so much. It's it's like he says you have to work at it. And you have to force yourself to be in a certain mindset. But sometimes it just kind of overcomes you in happens like, you get lost in a movie, and when that happens, it's really one of the most wonderful feelings that really truly makes me feel like a kid again when it when a film, really works, and you walk out of there, not even thinking about how. It was made. You're just amazed at the story. I love that. The worst thing in movies is if you're anything that you notice if you watching if you're going, oh that scene was shot beautifully or the dialogue is so witty or the acting. That means you're not in the movie, right? You're not lost in. Yeah. You still carrying that picture of of Ray Harry housing around in your I've got it somewhere. Yeah. I still do have it. Yeah. It's so Sweden's always in my wallet. Isn't that? Sweet carries. It carries it with him. I carry a picture of Gilbert..

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