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This city i want to see the best days in front of us but to me we have to wonder your first of all i wish gary toggle nothing but the best is this a temporary thing is there a chance daryl works these things would have been until he works this out so i imagine after watching new search they're not to take the mayor's word for this this time around and just say all right you have said that dell is your person or the next person is your guy moving forward as the time to go back to the national search to find time to blow this upload up and say that we need a new police structure that is not directly accountable to the political framework that we have the mayor appointed i just think it's humpty dumpty grit you can't put the picture this data point i'm open it looks like ideas new i will have to say this again ryan dorsey the only person in the bone was only council only no vote any actually said we don't know enough that's what he said this vetting process is an embarrassment i promise you it was harder for me ten years ago to become an employee at hearst corporation then is to become top in baltimore city was still vetting and they were found everything yet this is unreal development see for any partying words of wisdom for the city of baltimore i just hope and pray i really hope that the people who love to say like i do hope and pray that we can somehow somehow get this police department moving in a direction where it is fighting crime without these distractions with all this stuff going on but it seems like every step forward takes five that two steps five steps backwards so rockbottom today that day i don't know you heard me speechless there i'll say to bread is i look forward to seeing over the weekend what happens maybe daryl desouza if you're listening commissioner you know you're my friend but maybe it might be that time to go to the mayor listening and just maybe submit your resignation maybe take the weight off of the mayor from having to do it i just don't i i heard i've never heard like that hereby either of i thank you so much have a great weekend.

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