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Fight against COVID-19 Israel is said to become the first country to begin administering a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine And this as the country's parliament bans to the travel to ten countries including the United States Canada and Germany someone foxman has more on the Simone Can you draw out for us the goalposts of this new campaign And what exactly they're planning in terms of rollout Yeah we'll use a health ministry director general still has to sign off for this The prime minister said told everyone to prepare themselves for this new campaign And it's going to be targeted at least for the moment at medical personnel People over the age of 60 and folks with other high risk factors that could expose them to the bad case of COVID-19 And this is notably only going to go for people who have received their booster dose their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine over four months ago considering that we just saw the rollout of these booster shots back in July and Israel That's going to limit the number of population as well But if this is anything like what we've seen before in terms of booster doses we do expect that Israel would expand the population of people who could ultimately get this a fourth vaccine And this particularly because some small studies in the sheba medical center who's been testing a lot of the omicron variant in Israel already have pointed out that folks with 5 or 6 months since the second vaccination have very limited protection against the omicron variant still the challenge for Israel is going to be getting more people vaccinated because the population of people who've received two doses or more still at 62 and a half percent below some other countries particularly in those in the gulf And then in to buy their ruler sham hummingbird and also the maktoum has been ordered to pay when it's $700 million to his estranged wife and children What did the court state Yeah well this is actually the biggest award by the UK family court ever for this sort of thing And frankly a lot of this money is going to go to security and the loss of valuables by princess haya and her children The UK court has really been on the princess's side having found that Sheik Muhammad had ordered the hacking of her phones with that controversial NSO Pegasus software and also had done other things to potentially harass her also there was a very lavish lifestyle here So that's part of why this number is so big And then new signs that a planet election in Libya may get called off at the last minute exactly was the driver of that Now you have this election supposed to happen on Friday but the latest sign that it may not take place is that the head of the elections commission ordered the closure of various committees that were meant to facilitate the election the folks who run voting places polling places are still told to remain on standby The general consensus here in Eurasia group has some great notes about this has been that the election will likely not take place this year will likely be pushed into 2022 because there haven't been agreements on exactly what would happen the procedures around certain appeals There's various infighting within the government but of course what happens in Libya very important to the oil market So thank you for that Fox fund to kind of financial center in Doha I want to check in on the cryptocurrency space We have some news flow out from credit unions Basically they're looking for approval to hold digital assets like Bitcoin directly after a federal regulator clarified that they can provide cryptocurrency services to customers by partnering with third parties Bitcoin at the moment unchanged according 9100 a little bit of upside in Ethereum the Bloomberg galaxy crypto index up as well This is Bloomberg The market so much to explore at total wine and more Pinot noirs and regios champagnes and chardonnays plus.

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