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All during this breaking news night. We can't tell you right now for sure exactly who will be joining us in this hour because as the House Judiciary Committee continues its work session tonight on the articles articles of impeachment. Some of the members of that committee might be able to join us this hour. If they get their work done we definitely will be joined by a member of the Senate Senate Judiciary Committee who asked some of the most important questions in today's hearing with the Justice Department. Inspector General Senator Amy Klobuchar kept the focus on the big picture in that hearing hearing today and she will probably be taking a new oath in January. It is the oath. The Senate Administers Two senators when they act as jurors And an impeachment. Trial the house judiciary. Committee's articles of impeachment being debated tonight are based on the investigative work of the House Intelligence Committee and Carson. Jim Hines as a member of the House Intelligence Committee. He is one of the people who will definitely be joining US tonight. The House Judiciary Committee is now working toward voting on articles of impeachment. Tomorrow The Standard Procedure the Judiciary Committee and most committees is from the chairman and ranking minority member to make opening statements only but tonight for for this momentous hearing chairman allowed each member of the committee Democrat and Republican to make opening statements. After Chairman Nadler began the historic session with these words. Today we begin consideration of two articles of impeachment against President Donald J trump. The I started charges that the president used the powers of his public office to demand that a foreign government attack his political rivals the second second article charges that the president obstructed the congressional investigation into his conduct. Other presidents have resisted congressional oversight but President. Trump's stonewall was complete absolute and without precedent in American history taken together the two articles charge charge president trump with placing his private political interests above our national security above are free and fair elections and above above our ability to hold public officials accountable. Most of the Republicans did not did not mention any of the evidence referenced in the articles of impeachment impeachment But we will. Now go to the hearing as congressman. Joe Negotiates makes his opening remarks listening and watching who may disagree agree with the steps. This committee is taking. I hope that you will understand that. We are proceeding on this path..

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