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It was not too cold salty off. Sorry, we missed it yet. Fish head makes a lot of great beers, but the stuff they have, they've got, you know, brewery only beers in the taproom and the brew pub they've got a pretty big system now. They used to have a really tiny little system in there, but I think it was a, was it a fifteen barrel system? Maybe inter- wow, so they can crank out a lot of lot of really unique beer only. Coolest thing about being on that tour though is there's this little eighteen year old kid in air mopping-up the floors, it's Sam caggiano the fourth as learning the basics. From the ground up. May or may not take over the berry someday, but he's in there working hard on that was cool to see him in there. Wow. So okay with Dr shed is not just known for beer anymore. Right liquor. Yeah. So where did they distill it down site? Okay. Did I didn't take any that night? I tasted. I said, the rum. Oh, oh, city got run. Yeah, Rahm of gin vodka. I think that was hoping to bottles of Jan. So are here on the table. We can take some little there. You all the spirits. Nice, very, very nice. Goes all out. Man. Yeah, you got the idea that they do. They spend money to make good product and yeah, skimp on anything. Yeah, not wasteful. That's very respectable. I mean, and they're still to me no matter how much they expand. They will always be like small town e very small crafty to me no matter what they do, which is awesome. It got to massive brew houses. What's cool is they've got basically, I think four systems at the brewery. They had a, they had the cutest little system I saw. I think it was a three and a half barrel system with some several things. It might have been several, but I don't think it looked that big. I think it was three and a half. Then I've gotta think of ten. Or fifteen pilot system. And then they've got the hundred barrel system which was the original. And now the new is like a two or two fifty barrel there making a ton of beer. Yeah. Because they don't, you know, that's their baby. They, they don't want to build a brewery on the west coast into the opposite thing. A lot of burgers are doing. They still wanna make everything Delaware, keep it, keep it local. Wow. That's really cool. Very cool. So we, we took another route we drove in from Nashville when stopped in Charleston, West Virginia, hence blunt shit, moso place. We're looking to buy some local t- lost in that place called the odd fellow building and found out that we could not by their. So that was a nice version. So he's just rubbing it constant, it's that's funny that you were in the villa building. I, It's it's salted salted. home. My grandpa was an odd fellow. There's several Phil. Yeah, yeah. And actually there was a lodge at the bottom of that that building in the first four cool is a needle building. There's a lot of really cool history in architecture there. So then we all met up in Loudon or no Prince William county was the first place at farm brew live, which is it's like Virginia's first destination brewery? Yeah, destination farm. Very, very cool. They had like a kickoff party there. Couple. There's a brewery and a distillery there to thing. Very cool. So great food. There were like several different breweries and a couple of distilleries giving out tasters of their beer and their whiskey and what not it campus though is absolutely gorgeous. At least I thought, so. What a great way to start off. You know, it was like a miniature, Sierra, Nevada mills river. It was a true well-done. Destination burry. Live music, big taproom restaurant. Really? Yeah. Several restrooms. Wonderful outdoor space. Yeah, and family friendly, too. I mean. Remember them not your average. We'll be right back with more in just a minute. Beer and sports sports in beer. They just go together when.

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