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For our listeners, we're going to judge each of these from zero to ten ref stripes, white stripes represent tacos, black stripes represent burritos. If you get all ten it's a perfect shirt. And we will and then we will award the, golden whistle. That's the best chips and salsa. But we'll start by judging Cuba. In white, stripes and black stripes. Tacos, boxer Britos. Okay. Well, yeah. I really liked that taco. I did say that it was too wet. Yeah. I offered, but you know, I feel like I offered a positives. And criticisms for both a compliment sandwich. Burrito. Someone who's been Rosa for before they're gonna roast you for that post mate. Sog? I'll get it. Drag me haters. Me. See if I care if if you're on team Matt hashtag met fuck if you don't like Matt hashtag fuck met. Oh, no. Yeah. Come at me frigging care. I live for the drag. Be. So I think for the for the for the taco, I'm gonna give give four white stripes. Wow. Yeah. I I liked it quite a bit. And I think for the for the burrito. I think I gotta give it I gotta give it four. Also kid, you have stripes stripes. I might even do floor and a half four and a half a very good score and del taco del taco well for that burrito. I mean, I love that burrito. So much. Yeah. That's an easy five five black stripes live lacks drives. And then for that taco that talk. It was I was fine. But I thought it was a little rough representation, and you know, as the as the lat next guest representation matters. So I'm going to say. Give it a two and a half two and a half. Yeah. That stuff. Wow. Nick did that just sink del taco ship? Here. I go you're both crying. The taco for in for key Joba, I'm gonna give it four and a quarter, white stripes. It was good. The burrito. I will give. Three and three quarters, black stripes. Lau another good score bell taco for the taco. I will give it. Three and three quarter black stripe. I'm sorry. Black stripes. No, white stripe light shapes three three quarters, white stripes. I got it. I got it. And then also in for full transparency I saw had. The came with a large drink until taco. Thank you for saying. It was going to say with my epic burrito. And I got a large coke as well. That was what I was slamming, by the way, speaking Hausa, DIKO, good Belton. I did I put a lot of you know, what the ice melted. Pretty quick get it together. The climate. And then. For the burrito from del taco. I will go. For while stripes. Lau that's a very good score. Cubo her this is booking clo-. It's tight it's neck and neck. We haven't even eroded the golden whistle. Oh, yeah. We gotta get to golden whistle. What we'll we'll touch on that before we get to we render are ultimately judgment, Cuba. The mad rancher taco. I thought was nice. I will just say that. I was nice, and it was solid. It was maybe a little overcomplicated. But I think it was good. I'm going to say this is three and a half white stripes the ground beef burrito. I like the Britto components. I think that the ground beef itself as maybe not their best protein. However, everything else worked like the option of a wheat tortilla. I'm gonna go four black stripes. Wow. Del taco the avocado taco this is really good. And they did they did a very nice job. And I think is meatless taco this is this is a damn good option. I'm gonna say four white stripes the epoch case. Oh, chicken burrito. As epochsc. Oh, it's no Homer's Iliad. However, I will say. It was pretty good. I just I think it's a little dry. I think the Shukan does work all that. Well, with the fries may think Mitch mitch's point the guy was a lot of place, they should rethought. This one a little bit go three black stripes. Wow. Closer to Homer Simpson. Then yet closer to home or city closer to Homer Simpson. The Homer of the classics. Okay. Well, a golden whistle. Oh, my golden whistle. Del taco. I I look at the guy who was not was like pretty good the salsa. They have a lot of options that Kito, but there.

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