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Lyme new hampshire rodas to say that he's been pondering the relationship that we humans have with the machines in our environment and this was prompted by an experience he had when he parked on the upper level of a parking garage and he left after hours and so what he was supposed to do was take the little ticket that you get at the beginning from that machine and put it into an envelope along with the payment. Well he left the payment but he forgot to include the parking ticket in there and he got home and he was looking at that ticket and had the number of the ticket and the time and the date of his arrival but it also contained the words upper spitzer and he was thinking. What in the world is there. Actually a machine that gives you a ticket. That's called a spider because it spits out tickets. Yes yes in that industry. Those little tickets are called spider tickets and that device that machine that gives you the ticket that spits it out is called either a spitzer or an entry station or a parking ticket dispenser but spitzer is a term in the industry. I love it because that's what it does. It's tickets right tickets better. that's fantastic. Send us your stories about language. Our email address is words. It wayward radio dot. Org or call us eight seven seven nine two nine nine six seven three this shows about language seen through family history and cultures stay tuned for more of a way with words support for a way with words comes from jack and caroline raymond proud sponsors of wayward inc. The nonprofit that produces and distributes this program. You're listening to a way with words. The show about language and how we use it. I'm grant barrett and martha barnett and there is some exciting news in the world of language. That's the publication of the dictionary of southern appalachian. English edited by michael montgomery and jennifer hind miller. It's the successor to montgomery's two thousand four volume. The dictionary of smokey mountain.

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