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About pyramid in the evils of either too much are not enough humidity on turtles. i can't see that turtles sitting at your desk without thinking that poor thing. Nothing is sick a poor thing. I think he never named him by the way. These two turtles Well sick sick and not sick about I like it i remember. That's good beer. Pira embiid okay. So which ones pira big boy. He'll be pure little. One has been meaty pyramid little. So you got here in midi stupid. I saw as long as we're on the two in the feds. I saw picture whereas the stupid picture. I think senate in many towns you got open a real a lot. This cannot be real of this stupid fish that they found in oregon. Oh no it's Yes it is right here. That can not not. No sorry i. It's according to this. The these oregon beachcombers were stunned after discovering a wildly culliver colorful one hundred pound exotic fish on the shore of the state. The large cgi rare to the oregon goes. There's no way that's rob thanks. It's absolutely abso. There's other pictures of laying on the beach and a picture of the fin. That's in the story. There's no way that this thing is real no way on. Yeah that's that's i one picture and says it's identified as the oba or mood ova earned. That's a new word yesterday. Or i guess some people are saying it's somebody said it was like a name for mama debt. Yeah new name for mom and dad plus two okay. Oma and oprah is a german nicknamed for grandma and grandpa so these people actually very dumb trying to say that's a new word so apparently and this is a try that's tropic supposed to be a tropical fish but oriented. It's real. Yeah that's where they found it surely right somebody somebody at because you saw that that that credit was some aquarium. So here's what happened. Somebody overmedicated the water. They're beautiful fish died and they toss it out on the beach in the beachcombers finally go. Oh look how crazy. Meanwhile the people with the season passes the aquarium. You're like hey we're the big colorful or the visco. You don't know what i did. Something happened might have jumped out followed. It went down on the beach. A ways down really. Yeah can't be can't be missing. Did you hear that they've They're training dogs now massachusetts. They've got two dogs trained up there to sniff out. cove it. Well that's good that's good right. There's a about yeah. i love this though. The dogs can now Detect advanced variants such as the delta variant. Shut up no way no way no way so. They've trained him to smell. Covert since covert. I guess emits an odor But i i thought of jeffey when i read this. We've got dogs. That smell dogs that smell for drugs. And they don't they they smell for drugs where people get busted all the time that have cashing their car. it's not a specific during the dog. Just barks says is right drugs. No no take all. The dogs can can your run-of-the-mill cova nineteen thousand sniff out. And i don't know if they bark differently when it's the delta variant stupidest thing i've ever seen but here's a paragraph where i thought i thought you'd have some commentary on this like drugs and weapons. Cova nineteen has a unique odor which to sheriff's office. Canines are trained to find the dogs. Hanta and duke graduated training wednesday. They're step siblings. Who were born two weeks apart with the same father but different mothers telegraphing there. I mean daddy. Dogs been taking care of some dogs too. He is doing business. Business business bad. That's a good gig thank you. That's a good gig man. If you're going to come back as an animal you want to be either a business dog or business horse. That is not unnecessary paragraph. We don't need to know that we could just say the same the same. We didn't need to go through the whole family tree of how their dad is an awesome literally a dog. Let us brain cells where we post things on the internet. Since pats not here. Can we do the dog and cat video because somebody sent this to me thought we were done with. No no no no pets away. I'm here animal videos. I want to see the dog and a cat thing so the dog just wants to play awesome. Gave a little own karate. Kid no act like you don't like that jeffy. That was fun. Stop it stop it okay. Here's one more video here. I got to do the alligator. Somebody sent this to me as well. This is Do we know if that doug killed that cat. The cat's gone down. I want see the know the death good. No no it was fine. Let's see let's see the the rednecks opening a beer at. How do you open a beer. When you're when you're out on the pontoon and you don't have a can opener. also. I thought you'd like. Is you wake up the alligators right this. I told you i get time. I wake up the alligator. That's right you hold your beer down there looking at this. This guy's i asked a bad. He's a hero there. Where does this. Where was this. I assume i have no idea that is also in case you're listening. The alligator opens his mouth after being somewhat taunted by the guy on the boat and when he opens his mouth. The guy who's the news news is the tooth as Here's the aluminum cans down that right. There needs to be happening. At gator land. That's a think. That's one of my favorite theme parks in america. Is gator land. Yeah it's on the qasimi orlando's the signs every time down there. Never i love that place so much. That's an event that needs to happen. Giggling as they have over guy for their commercials for it. I love gators. We were talking about how you would be like a good kind of like a james earl jones for these new one six. These new democracy almost died say now say varsity blues operation varsity blues. Do we do. We have the business button in their favorite by cannon theme on there with a cannon theme operation varsity blues. Tonight's episode never mind that's fine take the rest of the day whatever but gala now they have They have the jazz peru where they feed the gators chickens. Oh yeah you've lost the toss the chickens out on a rope that goes up over the water and the gators come up and jump out of the water and then the guy holds the chicken out over the over the dock and the gators jump up and take it out of his hand and they have the gate a wrestling. And then if you go to gator land. This is just a helpful hint for me. Okay all right all right for him. Is this a jiffy life. Heck yes okay. All right so part of the fun of gator land is feeding gators hotdogs all right so they have this big attract big. It's like a i don't know what you call it but it's It's like three or four different floors up different levels. Okay you go up. It's over a river. And that's where all the game they have like hundreds and thousands of gators in this river. And you tops the hotdogs out and the gators snort car out and grabbed the hotdogs. But gator laying sells the hotdogs. There you can't bring him eight million dollars a hotdog. Wow that's how they make a little. Just joe biden's plays you aren't mine is it's just shy. Give me a couple of hot dogs. That'll be sixteen million dollars off so the idea is. That was the first time i went. I spent way too many millions of dollars on hotdogs so the next time i went we stop off at the local walmart. Which isn't far before you get to gator land. The giant packs of the cheapest hot dogs folks like going to the theater right right pairing planning ahead write care. Put the dogs at your backpack and you get back to the back of the by the river. They can't see your own hotdogs i they. They know that people are doing okay. I never saw anyone taken down vicariously in their hot. We get a hotdog scofflaw. Maybe if they catch you they throw you into the river and you just. you're lost. What happened uncle bill. I don't know goes where this today on. Now you've right. I was in the car. I thought he had some hotdogs..

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