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Tb See who all right we're GONNA we. Oh Gosh I don't know well. I guess what was your your first impression of. This movie like versus is the TV show. Do you feel like it's a big departure from the TV show or like or how did you feel about it so I went into it and every the press had been like this movie is bad. expectations were low. The soundtrack is very good a grand the fashion is sort of the through line that they were able to bring Fra. It's Patricia field and it's like listen. She did the show. Everyone looked cool. In great she did the movie everyone cooling gray and then you're just kind of like plugging lugging them in different they give you these sort of like scratched the itch there is a montage of Kerry cleaning out her closet and you see all of her eye. I contact look. There's to dress trying. Yes yes yes and I could've used another one. You know never enough for me and I'm sorry I did want Stephen Miranda to get back together and I like everybody's kids what else you need so yeah. Ah The show is I know you disagree. The show is better it one that means you know and this is not going to win anything but if you were like a fan of the show I think he would watch the movie and be like this is a nice warm cup of cocoa yeah. There's there's a few and I guess like like we're operating on limited sex in the city knowledge but I mean for most movies I I would be. I'm like always like Oh. Why aren't there people with multiple the classes portrayed and all that but for this franchise in particular there's a lot of things like the lack of like diversity and like the very like bizarrely poor way at handles squareness given that the creator is like. I take extreme issue with all of that but the class stuff I feel like I weirdly exclude from this conversation because they feel like it was designed as an escapist fantasy for women and it has like a complicated legacy in general all in that's been good. Lord has been fucking written to death the legacy of this franchise but I feel like in this like we I can do the same five complaints. Everyone has about the show of like hose curry you for this on a freelance writer salary. It's written like it is a fantasy and you're supposed to Oh you know as and when this franchise was kind of like forward thinking and a little bit different which is like maybe the first few seasons of this show and definitely not by two thousand nate like it's cultural usefulness was kind of behind it and it was there for fans but I don't know I I I appreciate it as an escapist idea and and there are like it's so often that whenever there is a franchise it's targeted at women specifically however flawed it is but like we've talked about twilight. We've talked about fifty shades of grey. We've talked about a bunch of franchises directed at women and there's just like always implicit shame about it to anyone. Who enjoys is it in any capacity that sucks because like we've also done fucking blade runner. We've done like every movie like every stupid movie directed two guys and it's like you know. Women get should get dumb stuff too. Yeah and that's my feminism. Ah that's my feminism too and I also think sex in the city a bit of a pass because it was in the nine like when it premiered I think it was ninety eight ninety two things that was a different time obviously and in their defense they were like well. We're talking so openly openly about sex and we're having a women talk about sex and so everyone kind of looked the other way on all those other issues to the point that when girls started which kind of stepped into that same timeslot need demographic nipple and everyone was like where the fuck are all the Black People Lena Dunham was like but sex in the city didn't have any black people and it's like your friend. That was a long time I am. AGO and people are mad at them now. I think that's why girls had sir so much backlash because some of it was like delayed sex in the city backlash yeah I agree. I mean it's I don't know anything that anyone says about this is always going to be like loaded and weird and complicated but on on its surface like there were like in the pilot of the show did a little homework and it's like this is like one of the first shows that acknowledged queer people however however poorly written as a part of other people's lives specifically. We're men clermont the show kind of except for I think one Samantha Samantha Lesbian for like a nor a couple episodes but other than that the show seems to erase women altogether. Yes that is true and she ends is like breaking up with her girlfriend. She's eighty. It's not even a good representation but they do take baths together and and it is like I mean like all like we've covered so many movies that take place in the late ninety s and it's weird because even though this movie comes out in two thousand eight it is still the the late ninety s in the world of this franchise for its entirety which is why four zero eight. I'm sure it was poorly reviewed because the world had mostly just like moved on from that that like way of women being portrayed so I I feel like this is a late nineties movie in a way and it is like it's sort of subscribes to like I almost think of it the way that you think of like the spice girls in a way where you're like it is like feminism like girl power. That's trying to sell you something quite aggressively and it's like Oh yeah like women are empowered as long as you have money or white and are Hetero right yeah so it is like just right off the top. It is peak all of that and we understand that yes yes indeed I did write. The first using I wrote in my notes is women be shopping the movie and they'd be they'd be shopping that does is not disappoint. If you're looking for women be shopping representations movie delivers I honestly I mean. It's like why watch this movie. If you don't want to see women shopping the visibility for women who shopping and then another thing good thing which we touched on briefly but this as far as I understand understand it was one of the first kind of mainstream things that was about sex positivity especially for women and that it kind of opened up opened up some conversations that helped lead to more sex positive era and then do you remember and I didn't watch this this show when it was airing but even I was like familiar with and I know we look at it now. We're like obviously this is like one of the least diverse franchises but ah the hatred directed at Sarah Jessica Parker for how she looked like was so intense and that kind of grounded in like like the nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight of when it came out of like you couldn't even have a face that was the same face as everyone else with people just piling on you and you just think about like I mean if I was sick. I mean how how does that feel. It must feel looking dog shit. I've read my youtube comments before bad yeah. There's like back. I'm so sorry to bring up family guy but there's a I think it's a family guy joke where they like compare her face to foot. I want to say yeah. It's a lot of there's a list. There's foot and horse is I remember number. Whore and it's just it's just like yeah. She's a hot thin Hetero white lady and even she couldn't you know like so ah I mean. It's just such a weird complicated subject well. Let's let's really dive into the weeds. The Bush Miranda's Banda's Bush Bush was my favorite character and they're like Oh. That's that's me that's me feel seen for for once so the big things for me for this movie is in addition to the things that have already been talked about to death which is the lack of racial diversity the weird representations of the class thing which I do take issue with but this movie is an I know this is the point of this show sex in the city show the whole franchise but these women's lives are so so consumed by men because the show is about sex and relationships and because they're all Hetero women it ends up being that they their lives revolve around the men were with and yes we do know what their jobs are and sometimes we see them at work in this movie not as much we really only see them as they their storylines are all in relationship to men and their lives are completely revolving around men so that does not bode well for me so another question how what was the balance between like their relationships and then they're like job stuff in the series series. I mean Maranda went to Harvard and she had a whole plot line about trying to make partner and how difficult was when she had had brady and so her job definitely was. I mean you know that she works. I guess being a Harvard educated lawyer is not quote unquote relatable but she was a businesswoman and that's how she identified well someone with a masters degree in screenwriting from Boston University actually pretty relatable so so but like her and they very much dress them for their jobs so Miranda was always in sort of like a two piece suit and then Samantha was publicist but like a very very good one and there were allusion to the fact that she had really hustled and worked her way up. We don't really ever find out how Keri got this column but she has it and then at some point she sells a book and I think because in the movie she does not work at all she has written three books and I guess he's living off of that sure and then Charlotte worked at galleries. Oh so the jobs that women are allowed to have an Ramco working only if your bitch publicist yeah the way the movie does it. I don't know it yet the away the movie does it is egregious where no one's job as relevant really for both Carrie and Samantha at this point. When we you know we see them in the movie. Even their professionalize are centered around their relationships in general or relationship because Samantha has like basically you may basis generating him like yeah she's basically his Mama's her and then carry just writes about in her would Hetero love partners and sex even though she hates computers legs sure your writer but I also have no idea what big does what is email. I mean like I'm guessing Finance Hedge Fund venture capitalists. He's definitely absolutely rich. Never said what he does in any way. We don't even actually know his name's John. Thank you John Joseph Jingle Jingle. Yeah is his name as a runner in the series so they don't really put a lot of weight on. I mean like Steve owns a the bar and it's like no you don't Steve. I mean you do but you don't. What does the Bald Guy Do. he is a lawyer. He was actually Charlotte's divorce lawyer okay which for her like pretty convenient her issue with him she. He's like he's ugly but I guess he is rich. I'll marry his MOM I. I like his mom. His mom is dead like something where she was like. That is so dark okay other thing that really really bugs me talk about this movie again. Aside from all the stuff that is regularly talked about is that these women are so reactionary and they overreact to to everything which plays into the you know stereotypes that like women just are so emotional and we can't control our emotions emotions and you know we're incapable of being reasonable in anything like.

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