Brunson, Saudi Arabia, White House discussed on Retirement Summit


Radio station. From ABC news. Back in the USA and headed to the White House at American passer after being held in Turkey for nearly two years ABC's Mary at the White House, and you Brunson and evangelical pastor from North Carolina with convicted by a Turkish corps who accused him of spying and aiding terrorist Brunson and US officials denied those charges. The pastor celebrating the end of his twenty four month attention by kissing. The American flag after touching down in Germany Trump who has increased pressure on the Turkish government for the pastor's. Release says he's invited Brunson for a special visit to the White House today, and he said to meet with the president in the Oval Office in about a half an hour. President Trump saying there would be severe punishment for Saudi Arabia allegations of the kingdom called killed a Newsweek journalist inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey pan out. But the president on CBS sixty minutes that he doesn't want to slap sanctions on Saudi Arabia. Is it will cost the US? They are ordering military equipment everybody in the world. One of that order Russia wanted it China wanted we wanted. It it. We got it all of it. Every bit of it. The Saudi Interior Minister calls reports of Jamaica, showcase murder that was ordered outright lies and baseless allegations. Florida's panhandle facing a massive recovery effort in the wake of hurricane Michael seventeen. People confirmed dead across the south utility workers and rescue crews are at work across the disaster zone. Trying to restore power and help survivors ABC's rob Marciano in Panama City, Florida. So I can tell you after serving much.

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