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Brown County authorities say the incident started at a restaurant in the Oneida Casino near Green Bay in the three people were shot inside the Radisson Hotel connected to the casino. Police then shot the suspect outside the hotel, killing him. No further details have been released about the victims or the gunman. It's the longest ever space mission by a crew aboard an American built spacecraft before astronauts landed safely in the Florida Gulf, right on schedule early this morning. It was also the first night landing of the U. S Space capsule since 1968. It was a record setting night for the Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Joel Stern has more. It was the best of times for the Pacers, a franchise record 152 points. But it was the worst of times for the thunder. There. 95 points meant they lost by 57 largest home loss. An MBA history. Pacers forward Domantas Sabonis, who the triple double in the first half when we were just out there having fun, you know, we didn't realize the score most of the time. You know, we're just they're running our place. You know, trying to be aggressive and good things will happen. He finishes with 26 points. 19 rebounds from 14 assists. Bases loaded by as many as 67 late in the fourth largest, leading the game in 25 seasons to weather systems with damaging winds and hail or predicted today in the mountain west in south central states. The National Weather Service says severe storms will hit communities along the front range of the Rocky Mountains, including Denver. The second system will produce violent weather with warm, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. That system will travel up the Mississippi River, bringing strong winds and rain from New Orleans as far north as.

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