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Extra years who complained multiple positions and and brad stevens offense more valuable for the team i just think they lost in this trade they lost in the strait i understand why they did it it opens up roster flexibility you can now bring over uber cell uh he can now be another big man off the bench and you get to sign gordon hayward so i understand why they did it they still of amid level of exception where they could bring it another rebound or if they need so um and and i'm not sure they're done yet i know steeple putting the herald today mentioned that dini ages not done yet i just don't think that they won this trade i see markets more as a somewhat of a bench player not starting paul ford for the boston celtics six one seven seven seven nine zero ny va five or do wanna give is there thomas who spoke yesterday made some interest interesting comments regarding his contract which will be very interesting to follow this one in who knows if he's still need surgery or not that that's one question open when it comes to idea thomas and as you already hit a seal max money for that kind of guy five foot nine for another three to four years close to a hundred million dollars i thought we thought this was a bridge three i thought this was a bridge three not a big three we'll talk about that all throughout the show today we are here until six p m got john hamlet hanging out alongside we'll touch on summa red sox news as well uh we will tackle brian rob today he is out in vegas so he was just in salt lake city when it came to some really obviously now there is this out.

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