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But I think that's you know there wasn't anything else going on, but those eggs had to be very flammable exploded. He went up the way they edited that it almost looks like Scott Glen explodes he lights that thing with all the gargoyles around him, and then there's like a big kind of like an explosion. And you don't see those gargoyles and you don't see him. They all just like spontaneously combusted. I don't know I have no idea the showdown between Cornell wild and Bernie. Casey they've been talking in a knows he can reason with a my yes. He hits the he damages the ones wing. Right I guess it doesn't kill her that she does look very fragile when she's an old of Gargoyles. So that's when he was like. Hey. I want my daughter. You WanNa live and perpetuate your species. Here's your chance grab her and get the hell out of all do the same. Yet pretend this never happened. Right. Exactly. They all just walk away. It's like a like they went to key party together and they just don't WanNa. Look each other in the. Not a good ending. No I was not a very satisfying ending just to see the gargled. With his his wingspan that. Could not hold the mass of what he is. He never got up high enough. To where he was just going to go live. So, it's not like the wings are just for show. They must have they have some other means of propulsion but that's what made me think of because she mentions the matriarch mentions that win the little boy was born or what when the little gargle sorry. Don't mean to put up gender on a gargoyles. When it was born a was a breeder but he had wings as well. So it made you. Thank that. Okay the ones with wings are the only ones that can breed the other ones are gist sleaze tax I think all that type of stuff was thought about like way later like shit maybe we should explain some of the stuff. But they never do. Just left with so many questions. Like. How did they think that lasts like flying scene look good. Yes. I guess that was on the eighth or ninth day it was like all right.

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