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The ceo of us olympic committee has resigned ap's mike grozny report the comes amid a wide ranging sex abuse scandal scott blackman has stepped down as chief executive of the us olympic committee allowing the umbrella body for us olympic federations to move forward under new leadership in the wake of the larry nassar sexual abuse scandal the sixty year old black men was diagnosed with prostate cancer in january and he did not attend the pyong chang winter games but he also had come under fire because of the u s o sees response to various cases including the abuse of members of the us gymnastics team suzanne lyons has been on the usoc board will serve as the body's acting ceo until blackman's replacement is named i'm mike rossio a russianbacked hacker group was able to infiltrate the german government's secure computer networks the dpa news agency reported unidentified security sources saying the group apt 28 hacked into germany's foreign and defence ministries and managed to steal data the attack was noticed in december and may have lasted a year the interior ministry said in a statement that within the federal administration the attack was isolated and brought under control the ministry said that because it was investigating it wouldn't give further details apt 28 which has been linked to russian military intelligence has previously been identified as the likely source of an attack on the german parliament in 2015 as well as on nato and governments in eastern europe also known by other names including fancy bear apt 28 is also rabin blamed for heck's of the us election campaign antidoping agencies and other targets china plans to build a nuclear powered aircraft carrier in what would be a major upgrade for its navy the china shipbuilding industry corporation issued a statement this week say an initial work had begun on the ship according to the communist party newspaper global times and hong kong south china morning post nuclear carriers such as the us navy's nimitzclass can operate for twenty years without refueling china has the world's largest navy in terms of numbers of ships although it lags behind the us and technology.

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