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Interesting answers from Keith lay. In the most okay, she'll do chill. Chill dude very chill chiller tired. I'm going to go with chill. Enough and here's why because when you're tired, you give kind of short answers. He didn't give short answers. He gave some interesting lengthy answers that I think we definitely can piggyback from after that interview, so you said a lot of interesting answers. Which one did you find most interesting? I thought what really hit me. The most was when he was talking about killer Tim Brooks and here's why he talked about killer Tim, Brooks. He talked about. Terry Taylor. We talk a lot here on busted open bully about some of the younger wrestlers, maybe not taking advantage of some of the veterans that are in the back listening to keithly. You could tell and he said it. He likes to pick the brain of the people who have been there done that when he meets some of the veterans in the back, he takes nuggets from everything that they say and he uses them. Even even said like you know maybe even putting some some of it in his back pocket to use later. To me, listening to Keithly, he's respectful. He understands the importance of those veterans. Any uses what those veteran say in his game. Later on I thought that was a really good answer by keithly. Listening to Keith Talk. And listening to him, tell the story about how killer Tim. Brooks told him you're going to be an anomaly in this business, you can be very different. He re. Do you remember the movie blue chips with Nick, Nolte and Shack Yup? Remember when they found shack. And Shack was just this raw untapped insane potential that nobody had ever seen. Yeah, it's it's kind of like Lee reminds me of in the beginning of his career. Like you know it's there the size. Is there the athletic be ability as there? We gotta get this guy in front of the right people. We gotTA fill his mind with the right information the right psychology, and then he'll make it, so he kind of reminded me of that. What was his name? Nathan Budo in blue chips and going on to become a star. I liked his answer about the about the coming off of his feet too much, I, I could tell that it is on his mind, and he needs to be more protective of it. And if he ever went up to raw or smackdown, it would be instilled upon him to be more protective of it especially, if a guy like brock. Has Intentions of working with you. Let's say brock takes a look at Keith, and say you're Keith in six months or a year. It's going to be me and you. Brock is GONNA. Tell a guy like keithly. Protect Yourself. Keep yourself credible. Come off your feet when it's the right time to come off your feet. And that's what makes keithly a more credible opponent for Brock leser because of a guy like coal, and I understand that Cole chopped him down last night. I wasn't necessarily talking about last night's match. As opposed to all of the keithly matches, I've seen with smaller guys. The more keithly keeps himself credible, the bigger that matches with a guy like brock or a guy like Roman or a guy like true or a guy like Brun. Another thing I loved what he said was when you talked about that moment where brock, and what was more important that face to face with brock and that interaction, with Roman, or what we had last night, and he said how important those moments were, but this moment was my moment, I really like that and the fact that like. This is like a personal goal achieve, but those seeds have been planted whenever there is going to be a story where Brock Leser they can always go back to that, but I know like where he was, and we talked about that, too. Where you know for a while. He wasn't even on TV and knowing that he was signed to NFC. It's like where's Keith Lee. Where's keithly and then taking advantage of those moments and the wake up? Call was with Dominic. Di Jakovic and how you know that guy could hit you and it wakes you up. I really think that was the moment because I know it from our show. Those matches with Dominic died Jakovic took keithly to another level. Interesting tweet that just came over the the old twitter machine we were just talking about keithly, being sounding extremely laid back and chill. Vanessa in Ontario says he's Leah so soft spoken that he forces you to listen to every word. He is saying I'm invested every time. That's good. That's Jake. Ask Quality where you make. People WanNA listen to you. It's not over the top. It's not yelling and screaming. It's not forced so. He's resonating with certain people by the way he comes off and listen bully. We've had interviews with wrestlers where you know they like. As soon as you hear them talk, you'll like Oh boy, they're not into this. We've had a couple of examples of that will like this. And at first when I first heard Keith lease voice on like Oh. Boy, this this is this is. This isn't going to go well until he gave his first answer and they he gave his first answer Vanessa's right like he's soft spoken. He's chill, but he gave you gold with his answers. He took it. Again like if this was a get yourself over Monday, not that keithly needs to get himself over by any stretch imagination. Just watch what he did last night, and he's already got himself over in the ring, but it's different getting yourself over in the ring, and then starting the talk shows and starting to do radio and starting to do TV. He makes you listen. He gave you gold. I remember every answer that he gave that was a very memorable interview, and he didn't need to scream and shout to get what he said over. He did it by his answers and being detailed. And you know what I also love, but what Keith Lee said. He called pro wrestling a sport. He didn't call it. Sports Entertainment. He didn't say our business. He didn't say the show. He called it a sport. It's very rare on this show that is a guest has called professional, wrestling a sport and a lot of times with wwe guest. We hear sports entertainment. You know what guys in our business we need to do that. He called it a sport very unique in two thousand and twenty bully I mean I I can understand the point of view, but the only place professional wrestling will ever be a sport is in the back. Because then it's really me. Verse you out in the ring. It's us together in the back. It's very shoe. I understand some people like to call pro wrestling sport I. Know You love the idea of hearing pro wrestling being called a sport as opposed to sports entertainment, but we have to be very honest with ourselves. When we look at professional wrestling, it is entertainment and sports entertainment is is a perfectly acceptable word for the art form that is pro wrestling the experts of MLB network. Radio Watch how you're leaning. If you're pitching, you're not lying so. So now you're listening power. You.

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