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Next year as Tokyo Olympics as you probably know by now are looking for ways to battle the heat in Tokyo next summer now they're looking for new ace asking sports federations for advice on how to beat the heat for the International Olympic Committee I oversee president Thomas Bach said Japanese organizers sent out a questionnaire to international sports federations to see what measures they take to counter heat there competitions that's a given what we've just seen in Doha couple days ago Bach said referring to the weather conditions at the world athletics championships Qatar with its suffocating humidity according to the voice of America and daytime temperatures hovering around one hundred degrees the Doha weather has been widely discussed athletes and officials the marathon walking rations races at that world competition began at midnight in mice the harmful effects of the heat so the Olympic Games at midnight local time volunteers in Tokyo likely to work under the blazing heat we'll have a maximum of one hour shift scorn to the Kyodo News Agency the plan is to create a manual to help on site leaders determine break times Tokyo metropolitan government's decision comes as it formulated its basic policy on heat countermeasures and spectator guidance based on labor salts of simulations conducted this summer at various test events potentially deadly heat has been a major headache for organizers of the Tokyo Games pollen government is going to provide neck coolers to help get body temperatures down before every games athletes used to complain about a regulation that prevented them from marketing themselves at a time when they could reap the biggest profits now the controversial Olympics rules fortyish changing this week the US Olympic and.

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