Antarctica discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Back out again in Antarctica. And the particles that are being detected physicists, they know. They're out there. But they don't make up the standard model model of what we know as particle physics. And they shouldn't be able to do that. It's almost like this this energy beam of whatever it may be high energy neutrinos other particles. They have large cross sections that means that they'll they'll they are meant to crash into something after the zip into earth. And and and that's the thing they're meant to crash. And we don't know why it's almost like this is some. Frequency or some sort of a light beam being broadcast. And NASA Antarctic impulsive transit antennas picking up on. Now. What's interesting about this is that if this is some sort of signal coming from the earth going out into the cosmos, or is it coming from out there going through the earth to we sent out in like the earth is one big prison, sending out the message all of the cosmos. It just reminds me of the time where we received the computer interpretation. Of Saturn communicating with Enceladus. Here's that recording. Remember the recording. It's it's rather amazing. Listen to this. Her. The search..

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