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Going to be moments in addition we do feel with the cold in place that there's going to be more snow especially from the ohio valley up through the nor the mid atlantic in central northern new england as well they've already had a couple of snow storms so as four is uh the housing market goes and maybe a little rough at times looking for housing and if you're buying a home in you love snow that maybe the place to go this coming winter paul let's now move on to the midwest where extreme cold and deep snow are certainly no strangers what is going to happen there well i think this could be you know the best of both worlds here i think they're going to get the snow it'll come on occasion in the midwest early on but by february i think it gets very active the storm tract just works out nicely for places like chicago in st louis in indianapolis i think they get hit pretty good farther north it's going to be all about the cold of we've had a couple of very cold snaps that have come down already and i think they are still more to come as we get into uh midjanuary especially i see now how about the south as you said earlier we've all seen the video of the snow man down in louisiana already is this going to be a rough winter down south well i think it's going to be in period i don't think it's gonna be like this the entire winner we're going to have another episode around the christmas holidays for this to happen i do think that that's going to take place they're going to be some snow and ice down there again but then it may break off and shift the bad weather maybe farther north and east of that region it will fly down so i think it's gonna be in episodes throughout the winter season which is good news instead of getting pounded after pounded after pounding we're gonna give some breaks and between i see now paul how about out west now as we know they've had a pretty rough year though of a wildfires and more now what you they expect for this coming winter in terms of real estate well i'm concerned because this is the dryest area that we have forecasted for this coming winter season especially for california nevada.

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