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To our top story the school shooting in southern florida this is an unfolding situation the sheriff just saying moments ago that the gunmen gun person we don't know the gender is still on the loose students are now marching out of the school in parkland hands over their heads authorities say at least twenty people have been injured w for reporter carry cod is on seeing a number of broward sheriff's office deputies running towards this particular situation showing their courage and bravery dealing with what is unfolding at this school right now i spoke into a couple of parents one who told me that she heard from her daughter that she was inside a classroom where there were shots fired she said fortunately her daughter is okay her daughter was able to hide to block herself not able to get a look at who was doing the shooting spoke to a couple of students who said they just heard but what sounded like a fire drill going off they heard folks from the school screaming t to evacuate the campus to get out of the school they were taking all possible precautions folks who are just very very concerned and worried about their friends their children obviously it's hard to like i said it's hard to put into words what the feeling is like here right now you can only imagine for a parent or guardian or a loved one of a child to arrive here on this campus and not know exactly what is going on with their son or daughter or their loved one you can imagine what they are going through we also heard from another reporter in florida for reporter rick full bomb he has been on his cell phone talking with a student huddled in hiding with her classmates in a closet in nine high school also a teacher in a stuffy closet they've been communicating that way that students says their teacher has been informed we don't know the source that twenty people had been injured five people shot and that the shooter may have been a former student we think nail at this point in time but a again we are waiting for official confirmation this is unfolding situation but again this is happening and parkland florida which is in broward county we have more information coming up in just route nine minutes in a cbs special report with jeff brown wbz news time is 340 to we're going to check traffic and weather together.

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