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The us national debt now stands at two twenty trillion four hundred in twenty seven billion dollars if every taxpayer were to pay off the debt it would cost the us taxpayer nearly a hundred in seventy thousand dollars per tax payer in a news conference on capitol hill the house democratic leader nancy pelosi of california talked about the budget the deficit and taxes in addition to which if they did trend were still talking a little carl's holds true but in addition to wage war now had a bigger debt and was he won't take so call budget hawks and consumer apparently we'll have some unease about the signs that the dead woman speaker sample make me can you just mechanism rule speeches he moved to general moment can just move mogul salt allstate knuckles hanson's but it would diminish the deficit reduction they were hoping put misspeaking super math at the on budget their ain't no deficit reduction in your budget only increasing national debt and the again as to when neil referenced alluded to earlier the idea that that some of them say the growth that will be created bibles cuts hind at the expense of the middle class is going to create too much growth when it's going to come back to cover the action of all this debt increased national guard never happen it's never happened to trickledown economics has never produced at that result in choon don't take it from me take it from bruce bartlett who was part of the ah hold hole a supplyside economics will camp it dashing happenings anybody tells you that that knows tax cuts that will cover the ad increase in the debt it's not true it's nonsense and bs except he said the words which i won't go into him but you knew any help in any event it is again the but the budget they created not a statement of evaluating the inequality that they create with their tax plan and it is is not a statement of values either i commend our colleagues for their great leadership and the members of our community support so hard on all of this and really we just want to go to the table in a bipartisan way put growth in.

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