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Newsman. On the program Mr Bush when I think he just said it's one hundred six. At eight o'clock we'll check one two Was that one zero. Six I can't recall Yeah. I think that's what, I heard him, say I mean my gosh what? The heck what the hell are you. Thinking. What the heck And you know. I know we're supposed to don't. Don't, tell me this is normal I it's really. Not we've had we. Know it is, but it is this is this? Is absolutely ridiculous Ridiculous it's ridiculous Oh gosh let's get a few things out, on the heat and then we're going to get into. Of all people we're gonna start things out a little saucy. Little funny today it's almost, like it's Friday William Shatner refusing. To do autographs I'll talk about that and tell you what I think about that because he was all. Over Twitter today. Getting attacked That's next but, the heat You know This is where. It's insane I had some folks. Up in my attic today fixing some stuff of my attic and dude they took the temperature. One hundred thirty eight degrees one hundred thirty eight. Degrees in my my, attic, and before you say well That that's Iraq, temperatures that's what our soldiers marines etcetera in full. Gear are doing in, Iraq Temperatures. That United don't. Even believe exist. Due at least I never, thought, they ever did that high they do I know The grass I water. It yesterday my, water Bill I have. No pool I, want one but I. Have none three hundred seventeen bucks last month and the month before two months in. A, row dude it was watered yesterday and I water. Very well and already there's already some signs of little wilting, you know wilting meeting. On thirsty give me. A. Drink dude I gave you an hour yesterday or more some areas like an hour and. Twenty minutes now. Down here Channel eleven has Crohn's. Melting. On their newscasts they using the power of sun to melt Kranz we have u. n.. T. being sh Showcased on channel channel eight today They put in. Milk, cookie dough and hot, dogs bonds tomato slices and cheese, and crackers On the dashboard, of a car in. The car reached one hundred eighty degrees just the. Car, in general one hundred, eighty degrees Of course along with this I have to give you. The so-called I'm supposed to. I don't have to And, I don't, want to in fact. I'm doing, what I'm about, to do to mock those who do this the all. Don't forget your kids Don't forget to. Leave your, don't leave your kids in a car don't forget about that one happens, all the, time don't forget about That crap is not normal that is, not normal that is somebody who. Is doing way more in their life than, they should to the point where they. Forget their kid their. Car that is not normal. It is not Kind of. Standard or whatever In the, suggestions, of the past week well leave your take one of your shoes off and. Put it in the back put. A bag in the back how? About you being a. Parent this is your I I would think this is one, of your most basic responsibilities feed the kid and don't. Leave him in the car I do you. Forget to feed your kids sometimes what's wrong with you We do penalize. Some people when they leave their kids in. The car and they die But not enough article today in the Dallas. Morning News about a teacher. Who's thirty five left, his kid in the car kid died he lied to the cops he lied and said the kid was in a. Bassinet in the other room and that and they put her the. Baby, in the fridge trying to cool down there totally appears according to prosecutors and police no No motive or no. He didn't want. The child to be harmed but his carelessness did cause it to be to be to happen and they're going after him for multiple things including. Messing with a corpse and. All sorts of stuff, and I support that but it's like oh do we only charge people when they try to cover it up half..

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