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Sophisticated lady by the charles. Mingas sextet and eric toffee. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman a warning or audience. The following story contains graphic descriptions and images of police violence. We now turn to. Virginia where lieutenant in the army. Medical corps is suing to police officers. Who pepper sprayed and pushed him to the ground. Point their guns at him during a traffic stop at a gas station. Last december lieutenant koran. Who is black. Latinx next man was wearing his army uniform. At the time as ara says. He drove to the gas station to avoid pulling over in a dark road after he noticed a police car flashing. Its lights at him so that he could be somewhere public and well lit whylie interacted with them. Video of the attack. In the town of windsor. Virginia has sparked outrage right here. What's going on going on. I'm serving his country and this is how treated to what's going on what's going on. I'm sorry what now going on and now she's out the door work with doesn't we'll talk to you get out to you. Receive an order obey it. I'm i'm honestly afraid to get out. Get out woods going on. Go out. I have not committed any crimes whether you're right now your rest for. I think maybe you think violation. I do not have to get out the vehicle. You haven't even told me why being really get your heart. Get your hands off and doesn't get your off me and you know what your hands off me became. I didn't do anything. don't do that. Data gonna now don't do. I'm trying to tell you i'm trying. I'm organizers lex. He's relaxed on on on actively serving. This country is how you gonna treatment. I didn't do. Whoa what's going hold on watch. It was.

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