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That's been, I mean, that's been part of the conversation here. And I get there's that frustration. But I also think we can't look at Anthony Davis as. Oh, he's just not that good. You're talking about a very high bar to clear. Oh, he's not quite on the same level as Giannis, so he's not quite on the same level as jokic. You're talking about the reigning MVP and the former MVP. That is pretty rare company. So I think AD probably catches a little bit too much flak. Is some criticism reserved? Yes, but let's not act like the guy is not an incredible talent. Yeah. Absolutely for sure. All right guys, let's are we just at a point where the masked I'm going to be going to the mass a lot. We had a point where it's just the season. No, I'm going to master lock the narrative. I'm going to master lock the narrative and by the narrative I mean the way games are playing out. The path we take to get through a Lakers game, and that seems to be we've seen this play out so many times. The Lakers are kind of close throughout the game. They get a little bit of a lead, but they never put anybody away, and then in crunch time in the fourth quarter, they fumble things away. So I'm going to master lock that script and hope that we can somehow get rid of that because that just adds insult to injury. That makes it hurt all that much worse when the Lakers lose because they're not getting blown out there right there, and then they just find ways to not execute down the stretch. So I think that that game script has to be master locked. I'll take it a step further. I think you kind of set at the end. D execution down the stretch. It's every single time. Every single game, the Lakers. When they face teams, even the bad teams you find more often, the bad teams know how to execute, or at least they know what kind of shots they want or what looks they want to generate down the stretch. The Lakers, they just have no clue what they want to do down the stretch of games. And again, the nuggets after Stanley Johnson hit three to tie it, then I get literally ran the same play three straight possessions and got three straight, easy looks. One over three wild with three layup on the switch. Not great. Not great. Certainly, master lock, worthy. Spurs are resting starters. Yeah, they did last game when they played the blazers as well though. It didn't matter. They are? Yeah, well, I mean, they've got some injuries and stuff like that. But they handled the blazers easily, even without those guys. So this just don't win. They have Kelvin Johnson, demo of a cell plan. Yeah, they should be okay. Love said, if the warriors decide to give you wise men, Wiggins, Jordan Poole, two first round picks for LeBron. You're not turning that down. I think they turn it down if LeBron says I want to stay. And also I'm not sure going on stage trading all of that. I mean, if that's the deal goal and city offers me then and LeBron wants to leave, then sure, but I don't think I don't think Golden State's gonna offer that. Yeah, 'cause that's a lot. That's a lot. All right. John Roberts and Dow just really just they don't have a base offense. They don't have that personality. All right, everybody, let's wrap things up from here. Appreciate all of you. I'll be joining us today after this game. Again, it's been a tough season. It's been a long season. Real ones you've been with here for the long haul. We will be here for the remainder of the season. We are doing our live play by plays, which you can always check out and join us as well. Put some links out in some of our videos so you guys can go find those. Till next time, everybody. See ya. And stay safe.

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