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At worked in your bill worked and i was like oh man i really don't be associated with this word it seems kind of snotty and a little bit busy gnat who i am bright but it worked you know and i went from being died the bartender behind the bar there was just all about the guest it was the guest experience that meant the world to me i wanted to erase whatever you came in to a race and be there to elevate your experience to have something different so un american whiskey was always a passion of mine so when the job came about to become the would freezer brennan besser for the first time i jumped at it i get her natural must've almost immediately after that if you didn't know tom and his artwork before you certainly learn did them what did you not just as a grand dumbass for you worked for would for what did you i thought it was spectacular either spectacular too so i i grew up in arlington heights near the truck address going today at arlington racetrack i mean teachers back in high school prayer when i know it but when i was ditching toward the end of the year in april and may or may really may and june beginning ended you now is going with some vets in at arlington and i jokingly say it's one of those moments that we will kiss hold onto dearly 'cause weird rider dirtbags right up to the track film against offense run running find somebody who thought could make our he even the jewish rusted yeah acted jersey cloudy and yeah yeah yeah a couple of baton whatever and we would just go make our beds and whether you win wonder loss we just loved the sound we would sit by the turn with both of you in the second half hour of your appearance on the show to help too but i really wonder would dress the fact that the going to the race for is not i know time your dad used to tell you that i only bad people go to the racetrack.

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