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You're fine okay good but that was your analysis is a nice little basketball team let me talk about their fourth best player not pronounce it i'm not certain he's their fourth best player derrick favors a fifth best player but the man could shoot at an australian basketball player and australian national whose name was joe glass glenn that's already made him latin my father does that one on television all the time by the way speaking of my father you're gonna wanna tune into highly questionable damara i guess it is your father's jazz team joan glass that is it is literally my father's it's not your grandfather's utah jazz but only because i haven't had kids otherwise it would be my yeah we'd be my son's grandfather's utah jazz but my father yesterday i'm not making this up and i don't know how this is going to cut up on television but if you watch highly questionable at four thirty eastern my father was talking to jim brock meyer the hankins area character that i as i show season two begins tomorrow night on i have seen we've been telling you for months now that this is a show that many of you in our audience would love if you have not gotten familiar with it but basically plays a broadcaster whose fictional who's always in character as a drunk awful pill addicted sexual deviant that's what he's playing he doesn't fall out of character but what i hadn't realized even though that character sat next to my father is a co host for an entire show a couple of weeks ago i'm talking to jim brock meyer on remote in character and my father doesn't realize that jim brock myers not real so when jim brock meyer tells the story of brent musburger pooping in his hotel sheets my father is aghast because he's like how am i not heard about musburger doing that and then when i tell him that brock myers a legend in baseball in the broadcasting industry and brought meyer starts to tell the story of how he was disgraced which is that.

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