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A fun fact even over the past three years Howard is second in templates yard runs with Seventy-nine behind only Ezekiel Elliott with ninety five in pro football focuses allusive nece rating. Here's the bad news source to come in. He was fourteenth into thousand sixteen forty eighth in two thousand seventeen fifty ninth in two thousand eighteen his breakway percentage which measures how much of his production comes on runs of over fifteen yards or more takes a similar dip. This is kind of what I was talking about on Twitter last night in terms of Howard. I really pounded the table for him coming out of Indiana a loved his rookie season. I thought he was solid in sophomore campaign. And then last year he struggled and impart. He struggled because the offensive line, which is important context in two thousand eighteen for the bears ranked in the late twenties and just about every. Run blocking category per football outsiders, but he also struggled because he isn't really like a creator. He's more of a reliable decision maker gets to his landmark makes the correct read gets vertical doesn't really dance around in the backfield liked that aspect, but after that it really all depends on how well the defense executes on the run fits, and they're fills the going back to the positive side of the coin has protection a big bugaboo for the eagles backs last year. Howard had eighty three pass blocking snaps only two pressures allowed. That's the least for any back with over thirty pass blocking sap. So he was extremely capable in that area. Which is a good thing for us. Ben overall, when I saw the trade, I thought the value is right in terms of draft capital. The bears were obviously very willing to move on from him and look at different options and increased recons roll. The eagles are a good fit scheme wise to say I'm excited is a stretch. Yeah. I've followed Howard very closely over the years and know what he's capable of. But there are clear. Limitations on. Film that keep me from throwing parade. But overall, this is a solid issue to the backfield. Ben, how did you feel about the trade? Yes. So obviously, I had my impression of Howard eagles traded for him gone through a healthy portion of tape. I wanna get one or two more games in both seeing enough to know that he's just just Joe Jordan Howard. He's just Jordan Howard. And there's not much on his film. That's exciting. And that's not always bad. You know what I mean? Like Jordan Howard regularly goes where he supposed to go so already when those small would goodbye forever, right like, and that's that's the nature of the eagles running back room last year. Big, you know, Jordan Howard going where he's supposed to go means. He has already equal on the level of court commend Darren sproles as runners before like we've gotten to line of scrimmage in terms of what you've got off from Josh out what you got from window Smallwood. So there's that Jordan Howard lacks allusive traits. He's not a high tackle breaker, despite the fact that he's big powerful. He's much more likely to run through guy and get four yards instead of three three instead of. Two than he is to power over a guy keep his feet and keep going. And that's the thing is that Howard is a, you know, a six one two hundred twenty five back who runs a little bit upright. And so his contact balance. Isn't you know, what they always to twenty pounds? He can be taken down by safeties and corners decently regularly. He breaks tackles from corners. Absolutely. But safe these taken down with pretty notable regularity. Howard is not have a high degree contact balance. So he finishes Ron's. He can put his nose down and drive a pile. When like, you know, a defensive tackle trying to make that half arm tackle on him like your half engaged with the lion half. Tackling. How're can take him a ride for two or three yards? And that's good. That's objectively good. But that's the best. You're gonna see in terms of Howard getting more than what's blocked for him. I was ripping through Howard's ten plus yard runs from this year..

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