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He adds wilson pickett i am just blown away by that ben i'm i don't know if that's the full on booker ten am jesus i think that's donald done playing the base on that one and i think it's steve crap i'm not sure but that's just an amazing atlantic meets stax volt crew meets a muscle shoals wilson pickett what i what advice to unbelievable american exceptionalism aren't you glad you were born in the united states of america and aren't you glad you were born in a period when stuff like that was on the radio stuff like that was just coming out of the speakers your maybe it's like maybe two three in the morning eighty degrees still outside kissing maybe eighty five you can hear the crickets in the background firefly's in the trees you got a cold beer in your hand you're sort of off to the side of this this roadhouse for that kind of music coming out from the band and you're sort of leading on car was your baby and the mood is up in the sky i mean can you can you can you just smell the air you know what i'm talking about don't you that's that's serious american exceptions they weren't doing crap like that in europe no no they weren't doing things like that in europe they finally figured it out but they weren't doing stuff like that in europe the picture i just paid him and frank zappa at one point painted a picture similar to that in a life magazine article he said a country that can use all the friends it can get turned its back on a forces powerful is that he was talking about rock and roll absolutely not wilson pickett ninety nine and a half just won't do on alternative bump music friday just i could play that drug in fact you know what let's do that let's play one more time we gotta hear that intro get where's where's my magic mouse survey ready.

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