President Trump, Trump Tower, Buenos Aires discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


It's eight minutes now in front of the hour on this morning. Jennifer Kushinka is back with more of America's First News. An attorney Michael Cohen showed special counsel, Robert Muller. He lied to congress to play down President Trump's involvement during the two thousand sixteen campaign in efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow Cohen pleaded guilty yesterday of lying to congress about the project saying he purposely minimized Trump's connection Trump dismiss Cullens admission. There would be nothing wrong. If I did I was running my business while I was campaigning. There was a good chance that I wouldn't have one in which case I would have gotten back into the business. And why should I lose? Lots of opportunities this morning in Buenos Aires. Trump added that he looked lightly at Russian projects looking to defuse tensions, the US and China are exploring a trade deal in which Washington would hold off on further tariff through the spring in exchange for new talks looking at big changes in Chinese economic policy. The talks are coming to a head shortly before President Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping meet for dinner tomorrow at the end of the g twenty summit in Buenos Aires, but it is far from clear whether the discussions will produce any agreement first wildfires now floods heavy rains that hit an area scarred by the deadliest wildfire in recorded California history or causing flooding that prompted evacuations of homes and shut down part of a highway yesterday. This woman lives in a mobile home park in Agoura. There were people doing this backbreaking work digging out the lake filling sandbags in sandbagging Oliver home helps preserve what remains meanwhile, the search for dead in the town of paradise has come to an end authorities say they have looked everywhere they can for identifiable human remains and expect to reopen parts of the town to survivors by next week. The Cowboys picked up their fourth straight win and ended the saints ten game winning streak by holding on for thirteen to ten win last night. Compass media networks had the call as Ezekiel Elliott scored the Cowboys. Lone? Touchdown Elliott checks came.

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