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On today's part in my take we have johnny football johnny manziel for a very long interview where we got pretty serious we didn't do a lot of our usual jokes we talked to johnny about uh all the mistakes he's made what he is trying to do to better himself to get back to playing football really interesting interview we also have some talk about sammy sosa being a cowboy now who's back of the week and the debut of soggy sorrows our new segment where one of us talks about their team losing while being soaking wet before we gets all of that wanted to shout out our friends at bud light we were at the bud light mansion all week in the super bowl they're great sponsor of ours dili dili is on fire and you can watch the finale of dili dili trilogy it is ready to go the bud nightspot it's famous among friends dili dili is sweeping the nation i haven't seen anything like it since the iguanas with the was up would you we don't see any more that was barred wise r e s over this bud light and it's our friends saying dillydally hey pfd dillydally do be do we do does but i spring with dillydally dillydally duly daily hank dili dili dili dili is sweeping the nation go check it out the trilogy is here the but nightspot you got to go see it it's hilarious they had a whole thing going super bowl all week and the super bowl commercial dili dili is sweeping the nation so do it right now with our great sponsors for fought light and with that let's go.

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