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Exed NFL standout sore going to join us Hines ward coming up in less than twenty minutes and former giant Chris a little bit later. Although he say Jags Chris me today. Some giant fans will always look at him as a giant. We'll see when we got him on the air will try to determine that. And get some information out of them. I do wanna get the phone didn't here. Gary. And I knew this would happen. We do the show. I just start basically interviewing Gary, that's what I've been doing for twenty years. I got him on a boat. He's my Gadsden. I ask him question. That's not supposed to be the case here today. So that's why let's talk some baseball. We can. And I've got let's see we had a call telling for multiple wants. Doc giants, but Brian for West Palm Beach wants to talk boat. Giants and Yankees Brian up here in a second. But Charlie call I sold punch him uh personal sully you're up on the fan. Hey, gary. Hey, Jodie goodbye. Jodi, an aside when you eventually write that book, I've got the title for it. Okay. Right away. Oh, by the way. Yeah. That'll be the headline for the book from day everybody. That knows Jodi McDowell. No, let's come in. The jets and giants I'm older them. I I know I'm older than you. Jody. I would guess I'm older than Gary also don't want to presume I rooted to Boca jets and giants all because I go back to the giants wind dick Lynch was my favorite. I believe you what? Number twenty two. You know that many years ago if I remember that correctly. And when when the jets came in they weren't a threat to the giant because they played in another league. It was almost like ABA an MBA. You know, it wasn't ranges island is nixed. Nets. It wasn't Mets Yankees. You can watch both teams and they didn't affect each other for five six seven years and then the margin. What this is the first time in a while. And I'm going into the season both optimistic. I'm sorry. Optimistically and. The jets. I don't care if they go six and ten seven and nine I'm optimistic about the season. I'm looking forward to it. Because I have an opportunity here the Bill, and and and and draw you in with the young quarterback. And and it's something to look khloe without the pressure of high expectations. The giants on the other hand. I'm not saying that there's Super Bowl contenders. What that offense is going to be an awful lot of fun to watch the next year or two I agree with what you're saying. He lies on the way on the back nine and. But for the next year or two every Sunday it can be enjoyable which we have not had in the past few years. Both of these teams that you would turn it on Sunday. And look forward to I'm gonna watch games thing. You know, I can you agree or relate with the sentiment on this? I would say so he lies not only in the back nine but last year who stuck in a bunker at sixteen in Augusta couldn't hack his way. He didn't play in your best shot, but he didn't necessarily fire it into that bunker. But guess what you will you play your partner. Sean. But he didn't have the clubs to play with. He lost all his receivers in the fifth game. And he hasn't had an offensive line since chrisny left when plug for our guest at four o'clock, but. Looks like he might be the new snake that hopefully. Side. We'll see. I mean, you got the best weapons he's ever had in his career right now between Odell Shepard and Ingram and saquon Barkley is going gonna be terrific. He reminds me, or at least I think he'll be used as much as the giants use Tiki and people forget at the end of Tiki career. He was playing out of his mind and cheeky would this another subject particular would have been in the hall of fame if he just didn't walk away after the season he needed two more seasons like he ended and he would have been the hall of fame. And I think Barclay has a chance to make that kind of an impact on the offense. And then as we said, right? The beginning a couple of hours ago. Jodi, it's really just an issue of Ken. Cameo offensive line. Keep Eli clean. That's all comes down to because I can still throw it. It's just the offensive line couldn't protect. I think he's got enough left to play really well this year, if they keep them clean. But the fact of the matter is, and what we've been harping on his the giants did not have a quarterback passed Eli. And this was the year that they could have taken care of the next ten or twelve years by taking one of these guys said it took a running back who's shelf-life. We'll probably about five years, and I'm okay with that. I have a problem then I don't know about I think it's twenty twenty. We're not a decade shore any of these guys a franchise quarterback. Darnold, is you could have taken them. You chose not to you're going to have to watch him for the next decade Platt sorry about that. Presented opportunity for I think the fans of both teams to do the giants should have high expectations because they've built this as a win. Now team was really surprising to me last weekend is after the final cuts the giants churn. The roster at the bottom. They put an age players who didn't spend training camp with them. I can't ever remember many going back to the early years of George Young where they turn the roster over that much by bringing in players that are saying they're better than the ones that we had and Soro summer at the bottom are roster. You're talking about say forty six hundred fifty three and they just put it in a whole new group of players. The giants could be having tryouts all season. And again, I'm okay with that much. Like, I was okay with the Barclay. If Gettleman it feels that strongly about things that he had in plates, and he had believes in his staff that they're just cleaning out this roster from where it was. I'm all right now, you got to get it. Right. But they also clean down a lot of the players that they brought in themselves. It wasn't just. The old regime. They signed some players that they got rid of also as far as the jet fans. Absolutely. Now, there's hope. Would this kid because I do think he is going to be really really good? But I will have to admit that. And I don't mean to keep making new Sancho Sanchez comparisons. But nine years ago, we're sitting here before the first game of the season. And we think Sanchez has chance to be pretty good. This kid is better. But it's almost like we've been there before with these jets and that was only nine years ago. And now they're starting over praying that a rookie quarterback is the real deal, and we'll find out a lot about Jeremy Bates right off the bat week number one because I sit here weekend and we got in second get jet offense coordinator for the last twenty plus years. We'll see if Mr. Bates can do any better Bryant from West Palm Beach. Brian. I great show. I dare I I grew up in west Garay. So I I regularly lot growing up and thanks Yankees and giants. So my point being I know the giants disappointed in Davis Webb in code. I Don I think that was. Political because it wasn't Germany's boy, but the think I watched Philly. The other night. They throw a lot out of the backfield. You know, the giants linebacker core. And all coast secondary. I know that trying to score. But I think the giants what they lacked since we've had our coffee Lawrence Taylor are going back go north or south to pick up running backs getting out behind your back door. No. Oh fly. Can you feel linebacker three? Now the other night watching billion Atlanta Philippos a lot out of the backfield. And also the walk the second. I don't like apple. Well, the giants have not put a priority on linebackers in a very long time. You forgot Carl banks in there who is a great player. And I apologize. Yeah. That that could be a problem as far as ally. Apple he's got incredible physical ability. Now, he's just got to put it together. You know, he he was a mess at the end of last season. There must have been some off the field things. I remember reading a story in one of the jersey papers about ahead bunch of family issues last year with Clarence and it really messed them up. He's had a quiet summer and the new coaching staff and Gettleman had given him a second chance when he was suspended of deal in the last season. A lot of people were speculating that he was done with the giants. They have a lot of lot invested in him. He was a tenth player picking the draft. And he's only going into his third year. So and he's just he's just a baby. I mean, there's only like twenty two years old. So. I'm not ready to give up on him yet. I think the giant secondary Collins is terrific player. Engineers jenkins. When he's not acting like a knucklehead is a pretty good player to beware the eagles and air ability to get to the quarterback guy. No. You more worried about the eagles offense. Legal offense wasn't great. It was just good enough to win a game against the very good team in their own house their defense, which really good now. I don't know what it is about Matt Ryan. But he maybe it's because he's an ex Philly kid. Did he always apples up when he gets to Philadelphia? But is last heard Evan give this stat Lehrer show his last twenty passes to Jones in the end zone. He's completed one one out of twenty now a bunch of those have come against eagles because they play Lynch here. Philadelphia diverse game they play Detroit Philadelphia. But I I don't know what it is. But he comes up small when he comes home to fill it out. The eagles defense is legit. There are legit top by defensive football. Right. And one thing that's encouraging for the giants when they face. The eagles defence is. In that Super Bowl game in February Nate solder kept Brady clean. In fact. I don't know that Brady was hit other than that last play. By brand new Greg Graham with to strip sack was the biggest play again. Right. But that wasn't solar side that came from the other side of the line. So would that great pressure defense at eagles? Have the giants just signed the left tackle who did not get beat in the Super Bowl? So that's a thing to look forward to in the two eagle games. I know you're incredulous when I said that the eagles can finish last. But I think I think this division can go ten six nine seven eight eight seven nine I think it's going to be that close. I don't think is a great team in the division. I just don't think the eagles are a great team. Yeah. I think they if whence is backed by what's the the the outside and six the first sex, and then we'll see how he does not played in almost a year. And he's coming off an ACL. So we'll see. Yeah. He goes win eleven games. And I don't think there's anybody else in the division of can win eleven games. He's Gary Myers. I'm Jody McDonald coming.

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