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But he was very clear with me that he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report there. It is Bill bar gets the letter from Bob Muller saying that Bill bars letter to congress did not fully capture. The concerns about the context and the nature in the sub didn't fully capture and so Bob Barr. Call Bill bar Bill and Bob Billy, Bob Billy Bob Thornton Bill bar calls. Bob Muller and says, listen to bars, very precise language, are you suggesting that my letter to congress did not accurately portray? What was in your report? Are you suggesting that I was inaccurate in? How I talked to congress and Muller said, no, no, no, I'm not suggesting you work inaccurate. I'm suggesting that I want you to release more context, more summaries. More executive summaries of the report because in the Muller report, you have four hundred pages three hundred eighty something like that. And before each volume two volumes you have an executive summary. Now, the executive summary was very helpful. When that report was released, and I had to go on TV in about ten minutes. And so I had to quickly scan the executive summary. But clearly what Bob Muller wanted was for William bar to release that executive summary right away. And William Barr says no I'm not going to release multiple summaries, especially staggered over time that are going to confuse people. Now, it's not Bob Muller's. Call on what summaries, and how many press conferences, and how many press interviews he wants to give it seems from the leaking of Bob Muller's letter that he or somebody on his team is pretty familiar with talking to the press, but will William Barr is no we're not going to do that. And here's his reasoning. Why I told Bob that I was not interested in putting out summaries. And I wasn't going to put out the report piecemeal I wanted to get the whole report arrow, and I thought summaries by very definition, regardless of who prepared them would be under inclusive, and we'd have sort of a series of different debates and public discord over each Tronc of information that went out, and I wanted to get everything out at once and we should start working. That pre sound reasoning. And by the way, it turns out that bar was right Boris argument is if you release these things piecemeal and different summaries it's going to be endlessly ripped apart. Orig you about there's going to be a lot of controversy better to just give congress the quick view of things and then released the report when we can. And by the way, the only reason bar had to send that letter to congress in the first place, which obviously then came out to the public was because William bar asked. Bob Muller to send him over a report with the grand jury..

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