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It began as an argument at his home off kit or lou drive our rebroadcast the mother of kells child says the fight was not about drugs or woman she says after the argument casillas grabbed a gun from his vehicle and fired three times the first bullet was in the air the other hit chows leg and a third shot which straight at his head bronx's chow moved just in time for the bullet only greece his scalp disturbing knowing frankie still out there and this is somebody we trusted this is somebody who's been at our house our homes the pomona police department says casillas is a known gang member and want it for three counts of attempted murder after a shooting in california in two thousand twelve he has a tattoo of pomona on his abdomen and a dragon on his right arm they say he frequents california colorado and hawaii and maybe using an alias brock says she and chow knew nothing about his pass and she's begging for the public's help in finding him out of safety for their families and the community i honestly deep down thing that he's somewhere and feels bad about it and i'm hoping that if he sees and he sees me and he hears this that he'll wanna do it's rate and turn himself in have you had any tips for police call crime stoppers at nine five five.

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