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Hey, welcome back. We are here for the final hour. We have just spent the last hour talking to lady chiffon and coach drink from Missouri. Now we're talking to somebody, no soul, but about football. Great to have you back on the show, Jordan. I mean, this is a, I mean, the cliche about what we are doing right now is interesting, but we are setting the table and somebody that studies film and I've seen you do it countless hours. In terms of the conversations we've heard today, what have you paid attention to? And how do you try to separate the hype from what you see on the screen? I really try to read through the lines with some of the coaches, I think, because they've rehearsed what they're going to say. There's talking points. And they give you listen closely, you can read between the lines. I was really interested to see what Brian Kelly had to say. In his opening remarks, how much we could glean from how he talked about his quarterbacks, what he needed to do to get that program that has the talent back to where LSU fans expected on a weekend a week out. He did mention one player directly in his opening comments. We followed up on it. Miles Brennan and his leadership, right? I mean, kind of the forgotten guy miles Brendan was competing for the starting quarterback job before Joe burrow was ever at LSU. Joe burrow was in the Super Bowl last year. He was competing with a guy named Danny etling, who already tried to be a receiver in the NFL and is no longer. That shows you how long he's been there. But the leadership aspect of this transition to who else you is now to who Brian Kelly wants them to be, whether that is with Jane Daniels, down the road, week one, whatever that is, miles Brennan's playing a really crucial role right now in getting this team from a leadership standpoint, where Brian Kelly wants it to be. I thought that it was most interesting. I wanted to hear who he talked about and how he talked about his team. And in terms of miles Brennan, I mean, it seems like every time he is on the roll, he gets hurt. And you can't take away your injuries, but if you could, where do you think he would be? Based on what you've seen of them. Well, last we saw him, early 2020, they lost to Mississippi state in a barn burning shootout to start the week or start the year. They lost week three to Missouri in another barn burner. Miles Brennan was really good. That defense was so bad early that year. They couldn't stop a nosebleed miles Brennan through for like 1200 yards, 11 touchdowns, three interceptions. He was sharp. The strength of this team right now, if you're LSU, is the receivers. So who can make the least amount of turnovers and distribute the ball most effectively hit the big question mark though when you look at LSU and this is getting a little bit into the weeds. We'll get there and we'll have more answers, but how's our office of line? And how's their run game? John emery will be back from not being part of the program all last year, Noah Cain transfer from Penn State. If they can find balance, they can win with a miles Brennan. If they can't run the football, they're going to need Jane Daniels because he can run the football. He can be athletic. He can make some dynamic plays. So it'll sort out. We don't know what's going to happen. I don't think Brian Kelly knows what's going to happen, sitting here right now. As you think about some of the other quarterback situations, you had kiffin here today. I mean, he's got one of the tougher jobs in the league. I mean, he can do it, but how do you assess their quarterback situation? Interesting. Luke older Meyer was thrown in a bad situation in the bowl game, right? It's a tough spot to fill in. When you watch him and I got to watch him a lot in practice in warmups and games, obviously he didn't get a lot of playing time. He's got a really strong arm. Now, the biggest question that I think almost needs to answer is, what's their running game going to look like? They lost their top four rushers. Snoop Connor, Jerry and Ely Henry Parrish and Matt corral. All guys that could run the flip as much as you think of corral and kiffin throwing bombs. This is what team that ran the football. Jackson dart has a little mobility to him, but he's not a Matt corral. They did bring in two running backs in the portal that will help out a lot. So he can get it done, but you lose that amount of talent. You lose your off to coordinator, which I think it's easy not to talk about because Matt krall gets a lot of the attention and all these transfers, but Jeff lebby, I thought it was the best play caller in the country. You lose him to Oklahoma. Charlie white student, I mean, he's familiar with it. Familiar with kiffin, he's going to be fine. But that's a lot of pieces to just say, we're going to plug all these guys in and it's going to be fine. It's going to be as good as it was last year in the toughest conference in college football. So there'll be some learning bumps and bruises early on. I realize you studied the film. I talked to the people that cover and I was talking to somebody earlier. He said, I think they can be tough and I think they could get to ten. But that's every writer who covers a team these days. They, because all they hear is the height. But I bet by the end of the end of Thursday, we'll have heard ten, 11, 12 teams that could all win. I don't know how. But I mean, the interesting part about the SEC right now is after Alabama and Georgia, who's three. Yeah. I mean, you could sit here and you could say Kentucky, you could say Tennessee, you could say LSU. You could say Arkansas. You could say Mississippi probably 7 different teams and I'd be like, you have a valid point and I can't say you're wrong. So there's a lot of movement that's going to happen. But old miss tied a school record or broke a school record for wins last year.

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