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I guess it just kinda looks different on. Yeah. Where do you guys think of that? And a last question would be about natural. Your being mentioned a few times in the blackout ready, but I still wanna know the other day of talking to my roommate about it, and she said that she has fried like natural before without any aluminum and all that, but she didn't keep using it because even is in my work on her that it doesn't make your stink. She's still get sweaty, you know? So to us, she uses anti persons like you rent for that stuff. I, I dunno convinced her to try again and try another national different. Do you guys know any any stuff? Any? Anything related about that? I hope you guys answer my questions and again, I love you guys and. I hope you guys when I say. Oh my gosh. I love you what a sweetheart, so you're not gonna hear this for a few weeks. No, but won't be surpri. It'll be so fun. Okay. Did you get that that I did I took notes. Okay. So the first is lush, I I've never. I've been into a lush store and I get overwhelmed. I think also because I'd never had a bath tub for very forever, so I never had a need for about bomb. Should we do you bath bomb? No, we don't really use there is a bathtub in our house, but it is in mats bathroom and it's like one of those. I think it's like a regional to the house which was built in like nineteen twenty four or something. And it's one of those bathtubs that feels like it never really gets cleaned. I know they've probably needs to be relaid and so I don't use it as a bathtub. I don't use it. So an I only have a shower in my bathroom. So bathrooms not useful for me. The other thing is I don't really love scented soap. Okay. So that aspect of lushes whole thing doesn't really appeal to me. So lush from what I understand is a store. The started in the UK and they make slow circular bath moms just like a ball of hard soap that melts away when you put it in hardware. I think they started with soap. Remember they used to like those bars shanks of so yes, they would cut a slice off for you. So look, I've never tried any lush products, but I'm going to seek out a lush bath bomb. I have a bathtub that I enjoy using. I'll try about bomb. Great. I've never done it. I'll report back. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. You're right. We haven't talked about them. I guess we should. Okay. Yeah. So I'll I will be the Guinea pig in the bath bomb experiment. Thank you because I do feel like with we're long overdue finally. Mario Badescu not a brand I have used. I bought some Mario Badescu for my husband and it irritated his skin. Now, I thought you like they're drawing lotion. Well, you mentioned that I have. They do, and I do believe he still uses that. Okay, which is a make a very famous drying Lucien presents and you like dip a cutic- into this pink, think concoction and it dries out your sits in short that that I like. But I think he found some of the the cleanser. I got him to be irritating, gonna glide colic cleanser. So I'm not. I don't know enough about Mario Badescu. I feel like that's the brand that I've always looked to is like luxury and Gwyneth Paltrow use it or maybe did like as mentioned it in an article wants a million years ago. And so I always looked at it. Like mu. And that's why kinda got it. For my husband, I was like, ooh, but he didn't love the sensation. That's my only experience with Mario Badescu, but I want to say if it's working for you go for great. Yeah, you know, we're all different skin here. Do you have any advice on right lipstick color? Okay..

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