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It's a cold saturday morning. In march twenty ten and a metalworking crew is headed down to the base of the mackay bridge in halifax nova scotia. This is on canada's east coast. It is a freezing cold day minus ten degrees celsius or fourteen degrees fahrenheit with the wind show and this is very early in the morning like the sun is just coming up the bridge. Commissioner opens the gate for the crew and when they go inside they noticed almost immediately something read on the ground near the bridge abutment. S- now abutment these like enormous concrete wedges essentially that connect the bridge cables to the ground so as they walk closer. They realize what they're seeing is person. It's a woman and at first. They think that she must be dead but as they get closer. They realized she still breathing unconscious but she's ally one of the guys quickly wraps his jacket around her. And they run back to the bridge commissioner to call nine one. One police and paramedics arrive within minutes and the woman is rushed to the hospital. Her face is covered in bruises and she has cuts on her hands and knees not only that but she'd been out there in the cold so long that she's dangerously hypothermic. The woman's purse had been lying on the ground next to her and when police look inside they see no wallet. No phone but there is a student. Id and that tells them who she is. Thirty one year old holly bartlett and there's another car to this one from the canadian national institute of the blind so holly is blind. Holly is blind like completely blind and she had been since she was thirteen. But even before that like from when she was a little girl she never had full site according to interviews with her friends and family. That i listened to on the what happened to holly bartlett podcast the fact that holly was blind. It was part of who she was for sure but it was far from all she was. I mean she was super independent. She had her own place condo that she purchased with a friend. She took the city bus on her own everywhere she went. She had a full time job with the government and was finishing up a master's degree in public administrations. Doing more than high. I'm with my life. Yes same you can see. Holly didn't let anything slow her down including the fact that she was blind visits bananas. She did so wing dance and went skydiving. Two things that. I definitely cannot do again. Yeah way more than me but the thing is the police on the scene. That morning didn't know any of this. They don't know what a zest for life. holly hat. So one of the first thoughts that crosses people's mind is that this could have been an attempted suicide but they're actually able to rule this out pretty quickly because you see you can't actually walk across the mckay bridge in halifax it's for vehicles only and there's no sidewalks so if someone is up there it's really obvious like drivers will call and report pedestrians on the bridge and according to a story by tim boost k. For the coast. No-one had called in any pedestrians that friday night and when police checked the bridges surveillance cameras. They don't find any sign of anyone. The other thing though is that holly was alive when she was found that morning and realistically jump from that bridge deck to the ground below just isn't survivable once. Holly is transported to a hospital emergency services and her family is notified about her condition. Police do a preliminary search of the area. But they don't find anything that points to both anything. The thing that they're looking for most is holly's cain when they talked to holly's mother she said holly didn't go anywhere without her cane but it wasn't on her when she arrived at the hospital and police didn't find it in her purse or anywhere near where she was found that warning what they do find though that very morning holly was found. Is her wallet and her phone. But they don't find it anywhere near the bridge. Where she and her purse were found a security guard. Who lived in holly's building was on his way home from a night shift that morning and found her phone wallet lip gloss and some loose change in the parking lot near the front door to her building which was like basically. He found it on the ground between two parked cars. Okay so she and her purse were found under this bridge but everything that you would expect to find inside her purse minus arcane. At least that's all found by her apartment building. How are we talking between these two locations. So this is where this case gets so messy understanding the geographical layout of this scene is so important to this case. It makes it a little hard to tell in audio. But i don't want that to stop us from telling holly story so i'm gonna try and explain it. The best i can and for those of you who are able to. You can go to our website on the blog post for this episode. I basically did like some back of the napkin like hand drawings to help like latest outlook. I'm for sure no artist scale but they'll at least help you understand what's going on so i'm gonna send you the first one which i'm calling map okay. So if you're looking at the map in front of you. The top right corner is holly's apartment. You'll see that in front of her building. There's this circular driveway and a lot which extends downward to meet. This road called northridge road then. North ridge road spans. Like three quarters of the page going left. Then you hit a dead end on nove. Lee drive now. If you're standing at the bottom of north ridge road at novelli drive straight ahead of you is another apartment building. it's called. Ken crest to the right. You can go on novi drive like if you're in a car you can drive on novelli and then to the left is actually a walking trail that takes you to this local park. So if you're driving you can only turn right but if you're walking you can go either direction. So at the bottom left of the map you sent is a fenced in area and at that very corner of the page. That's where you haven't marked that. Holly was found but it kind of seems like a long way from her apartment building is it totally is like i said the map is not a scale but the distance from where her stuff was found where her apartment was to where she was found that morning was roughly three hundred fifteen meters or one thousand one hundred fifty feet. That's almost a quarter mile. Okay so so. How did holly get from the parking lot of her building. All the way down to this fenced in area will that. That's the million dollar question. How did she get there. And why and right now. None of this is making sense to the police either. So they want to try and trace holly's last steps. Police find out from her family. But holly had been out the night before which.

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