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Is a single mother, and I concur thirteen-year-old hunt with me. We went to a little threads property. Out there. First thing in the morning. He got up and with me. Fallen asleep right next to me about seven thirty and started telling them off the road and whatnot. He based on what I had on candle at a timeframe dealer show. It was five minutes to eight. I said next forty five minutes is this a deer gonna show up. Eighteen year old cheese? Is it up in two minutes later? I say ADC that dole out there. And he stood up reply today. Walk draw us second walk across. And here comes as a nice little basket aid is married at us. And we were able to successfully harvest that young guy. And once the whole process of didn't take it to the processor and all that stuff. And it was anytime I've taken somebody else on with me. It's always been a hundred times better than me just going out there and sit by myself. Oh, yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. I really do. Appreciate that call and that some Asian of your involvement in taking a kid hunting. That's absolutely marvelous in he will remember that forever. He won't be back. Next year is on that successful that quick unless I take somebody. That's right. And to you know, something one of the things that is a lesson. If you take a child into the deer woods for hunting trip, something like that. There's nothing wrong with I'm with the subject of I'm going to let that deer pass. I'm not going to shoot that deer in. Here are the reasons why. That is a lesson. Also. About conservation. And you you know, right now. Brian. They're more deer whitetail deer in the United States now than there was when Columbus landed. I did not know. Yes. Indeed. And the model for conservation wildlife conservation. The MO the model that is operated in the United States is the model for the world. There is no country on earth. That manages the wildlife is successfully as does the United States of America and their wildlife resources divisions in each state. And that in itself is a fabulous lesson..

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