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All taco bell employees her great from what i have under firm from what i have experienced noone i've actually i don't think i've ever had a bad experience at any fair that one i am eighth avenue taco bell tom it's don't tell me call me talk about tom us retail tom why did you get a tattooed on your lower back then i buy me it is a cover cover up what was their haredi tom uh don't tell me of ever gone into the eighth avenue taco bell yeah ordered something and then they hand of you what you ordered clinton never happen to anybody there you always just order something and they give you something any whatever they give you why me and anxiety there hasn't out and everything i haven't gone the wrong thing in a fast food order in like twenty years i feel like all the fast food restaurant let's 'cause you're so intimidating you'd go in their new like i'm not fucking around here while hey get the job issued a gun off the air is you ix fled it gets the message yes um no i feel like that was like a a big thing when we were kids that they like any time you you ordered something from a fast food restaurant that was like a trope that they would screw it up yeah and he wouldn't realise see got home if you've got some add drive through you get army bag uh they these somebody else's order here's the thing if you're buying some net of fastfood pace and you're bringing it omen eanet reevaluate lloyd me mean reevaluate you think it's it's better day eat in the parking lot.

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