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Today on the show at Penney's in the building. We're going to talk a little bit about the Kevin Porter situation, which has devolved into food fighting. We're going to talk about sharife Cooper. We're going to talk a little bit about BJ Boston and then on top of it, we're going to preview the G League game tonight team and kind of give you guys a rundown on Jonathan kuminga Jalen Greene station Knicks and maybe even talk a little bit about Isaiah. Todd probably won't talk a lot about Guys Auto Thursday. We don't really think cassata was a real NBA Prospect do we met now? We're not there. No. No, you're not good Kya size and can shoot a little bit but we're not there yet multiple months to year G league night team member in all likelihood. So Penny, how you doing, man? I'm fantastic. I just want to start by saying I feel like I'm a freshman on campus wondering until like one of those hundred person lecture halls and I just want to make sure this is the right class like this is the the draft. I didn't wander into like a a cricket game theory podcast based on your tweets. I'm like all in on Cricket. I didn't want to get you going but it was too easy to be like a nice treat him watching playoff games and you're talking about guys hitting home runs and Cricket. I have no idea you're saying well and like the Home Run is like not even the terminology and I'm just like calling them here already a cricket snob people off our hours and excuse me, it's not no. No, I'm like the anti crickets knob like my American addled brain is just like oh this guy's going yard and like I watched a guy named Rick ball out of a stadium last night and I have never felt more alive in my life. You know, can I go you gotta watch more Big 12 basketball, I guess. Yeah. Clearly. I don't know like where the Dead. Ends about my excitement for Cricket and like my actual level of excitement for Cricket begins, but I can't I can't really figure that out yet. I think I've like gone too deep into the Wormhole of it being like something of a bit and now I'm just like on the other side and I just like kind of love Cricket. Now, this is your personal Westworld like you don't know where the song ends the simulation ends in real life begins or lost. Yeah. This is where I'm at and I've picked up the Indian national team the Indian cricket team as my favorite team because the Australians are kind of snooty and snobby not that was quick quick scouting assessment. You took your basketball teachings and applied that within again two or three viewings. Yeah. Yeah, it's great and like the cricket announcers will be the last point. I have faith like the cricket announcers will get so much angrier when a guy does well and then like gets out versus like when he just like gets out. So like there was a guy who gave birth Like over a hundred runs, which is like basically scoring like Fifty points in an NBA game, right? This guy gets a hundred runs and he gets out and there's like, oh this was a terrible wouldn't put an awful game. It's just like what are you kidding me? This was amazing. This was super fun or what are we watching? We watching the same thing, which is the same channel. Yeah. Yep. It's just bizarre like the the whole of the whole of cricket announcing and like Cricket is a sport is a different world to me that I'm very interested to continue to dive into off. Another world that I want to dive into is the world of Kevin Porter, huh?.

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