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Four playoff appearances. It's not a bad resume. Chuck pagano. Chuck Pagano in six years as head coach of the ineptly colts had exactly one losing season. One losing season out of six his overall record in Indianapolis, fifty three and forty three look at Chuck begun owes career arc. I three years in Indy man, just everything was going gangbusters eleven five eleven five and eleven and five I three years double digit wins right off the bat playoff appearances. In fact, plate in AFC championship game in two thousand fourteen very famous game between the patriots and the colts two thousand fifteen sixteen and seventeen he went eight eight or in twelve you know, what the common thread is there. Guess when Andrew lucked started missing time due to a shoulder injury two thousand fifteen played seven games still. They went eight two thousand sixteen Chuck Pagano somehow getting the Indianapolis Colts. Despite the fact in two thousand sixteen fifteen games. Remains your luck. Eight and seven overall in his fifteen starts and the colts are a playoff fringe contender seventeen. We know Angela suffered arguably his is is most devastating injury missed the entire season. And in that one year where Angela played zero games they went four and twelve and Chuck begun was fired. So it's actually I mean, really when you look at these two guys on resin, the resume alone there worthwhile hires. But I don't know that any Packers span would be dancing in the streets that they fired Mike McCarthy and upgraded to Jim Caldwell or Chuck Pagano. If you're gonna fill franchise, these are the kind of coaching candidates that are out there. These are the kind of coaching candidates. Maybe they'll have some success, maybe they won't. But it's interesting to me that as we talked yesterday who wins the press conference, who's the home run hire. In the NFL Mike McCarthy got fired Jim Caldwell Chuck begun on resume. These are three the best coaches and. I don't know that any Packers fan would be content with either one of those guys hired coming up next on the rich Eisen show deigned ruler. Will join us to break down Cuyler Murray's draft prospects..

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