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Go to your calls to limit in body lake washington you're on the michel make that show hello man they're mike thanks for taking my call you that you have you know what i think people that are angry you and i were if you think this morning just enough that there are sharp in angry that come up again on their their bowling earmarks hampshire there's other being encouraged to thank playing then they realize hiller's of your power play i don't think that's true when i was thinking about this yesterday for instance what do you think john louis's fared sims trump attacked him back another which lewis made this idiot statement that trump is not a legitimate president and then me mr trump said out to tweets attacking john lowest you think that those tweets the fact preselected tweeted about him her john lowest or helped him i think it overall hurt why the or the now did allow the other people defeated you just don't have to live somebody and agree a hundred percent went from because they've done something for fifty years okay i understand but the the plane as i'm sure mr trump felt good about it but what he did was enormous like helpful to china less john was is never gotten so much public attention in his life not one in march and selma not when he was elected to congress nothing is done in congress owns an john louis's this big national figure and this is the problem part of what you do in politics is try not to help your enemies and one trump attacks alec baldwin went from the tech saturday night live yeah i mean it in other was if you want to get saturday night live to stop bragging on trump first of all there's almost nothing you could do they will his he's just a juicy target he's pressing the united states but they of course are going to do what i'm doing a particularly nasty way because every time they go trump tweets about them in other words it's it's like giving people exactly what they want and one of my arguments and this will go for all conservatives we shouldn't give of the other side which is whiny and.

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