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Details maybe it didn't get maybe it didn't get built or maybe did get built but they can't account for six point seven million of how much money they can't be a very big building for six point seven million so it must be a it must have been a hundred million and six point seven his new missing and maybe she pocketed it i don't know could someone married bernie sanders k paul such a thing i dunno he ran for the democratic national a nomination for president and i just wonder i just wonder today uh you know are you interested in hearing about hillary damn emails now no remember that a debate i'm tired of hearing here budget damn emails he could have been the nominee that was a win g the hillary clinton walked over and shook his anger that one acted so friendly like but i just wonder hey you know what she defrauded i'll i'll go back into this again in case you weren't paying attention i am she defrauded a bank of six point seven million dollars and we indictor and she's might go to jail for that but hillary clinton defrauded the american public of 100 and forty million dollars what one hundred forty million they she she she sold out twenty percent of our uranium of a to accompany natan uranium one that's owned by the russian government and in the process the players in that company i either it russian government donated one hundred forty million dollars to the clinton the clinton foundation which basically pays consulting fees ted to build hillary and chelsea i don't know that sound like defrauding somebody about eighty million dollars defrauded and the american public that went to clinton foundation dot org and donate money to help the people of haiti when the earthquake levelled half the island i dunno i don't know what you think but it sounds like maybe he's interested in a damn emails now remember our guest from last week cow chapman the base stick man he explained that many of the violent protests protesters showing up universities lately our group called in tifa which stand for anti fascists even they clearly don't know it understand what fascism is well this this week ntv announced that is trying to crowd fund money for a jim in.

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