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To Benjamin would is instead of just giving them straight to the New York Times? Even Benjamin with us. Sorry. Gave a memo to one person Daniel Richmond. Yeah. That's right. Why did you not do it straight to the New York? Because I thought if I do it directly as I think I said when I testified about this. It'll be like feeding seagulls at the beach because I have this huge crowd of journalists at the end of my driveway. And how will I how will I say, no, comment and know, how live wait any reaction with awesome people like you? And so so you're concerned about our feelings your feelings. No, no, just about my ability to stay away from me. All right. You struggled with sensitivities around elections. It's one hundred ninety days until the midterm elections. Where Robert Muller's findings could be a big deal. You think you'll take that into account in his pace and released an announcement. I don't know. He likely will because of the norms of the department of Justice, despite what you've read or heard there aren't any rules around how we act in the run-up to an election. There's a memo from two thousand twelve about election related crimes that keep seeing journalists hyperlinked to like that's the rules. That's not the rules. There's a norm. You avoid any action in the run-up to an election that might have an impact if you can. And so I'm sure he'll operate with that in mind now, whether what conduct that will drive is harder to say, and how would you adjust to that? Like would there be a quiet period or soon, they'll get things done? Tune or out of those norms play out when you've got one hundred ninety day deadline. I can't answer in this case because you need to be able to see have a vision for where the investigation is going, and whether you can responsibly concluded. You know, well in advance election, or whether it will reasonably even vice own course, carry you beyond the election. And so you don't make the decision based on the election. But you look at the investigation the election, you say, okay, all else being equal can I responsibly avoid a public action that might have an impact. So it's difficult to answer other than that abstract way. What advice would you give him about coming out and saying something?.

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