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His first minor league start of the season i he'll get the opportunity there and the reason wheeler gets the opportunity is because robert salman and seth lugo have just been fantastic out of the bullpen for the mets and last night boy you only get five innings matt harvey which has become the norm now nine straight starts where he's only maxed out at five innings going back to last year and for gives selman comes in yes he gave up a run had a walk that was costly the star that inning but gives the mets two solid innings of relief you didn't look overmatched in any way shape or form last night the stuff again looks good is he has really taken to that role and seth lugo three innings out of the pen of scoreless baseball got out of a big time jam there in the bottom of the ninth inning where it looked like the mets were cooked yet bryce harper on third base with one out and the reason he was there erin pickoff attempt from seth lugo but mickey callaway deciding to intentionally walk how kendrick and then trae turner as well he had to walk because you just can't double up trai turner so he loads the basis and logo with a couple of strikeouts to get out of it i mean that is things have been going well for the mets and that is good an example is that a at as any that the mets have had thus far in twenty eighteen so big win big opportunity for the mets this past weekend and the nationals felt that a message was passed along they won't have to wait long for their opportunity to come back at the mets the nationals we'll be visiting city field next week so they could try to turn the.

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