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Um i don't know i find myself i think of i've i want to say reinvigorated for postition vr yet in the way that it launched it was super exciting played a launch games and then put it down and really haven't touched it outside of a few athletes here they're annex suss it i've what i've been doing his stacking the games of liking modal vr folder of things i want to play that will justify me like okay this is why i wanna set it all up removed all around but then coming out of psx them looking into 2018 like there's a lot of coal shit on the horizon for 2018 with like i really wanna play moss like that's that game from the demo we got subdue for e3 that's up on kind of funny games ran you too i really enjoyed that and then playing i was fuck up the name but fire wire fight not fire watch for fire whatever the fuck kevin keegan mules urging that playstation it go to the playstation blog it's up right now sidni talked about on the blog cast and then there's a preview for right now position vr fire something other have you heard about this one it's if forty four playstation vr i hear you scroll down cav there it is firewall firewall zero a goal is obvious firewall of zero hour yes oh yeah yeah i saw the the uh with a really complex like breaching ray kind of lease it looks like first pressuring the season exactly exactly looks just like that in remind me a lot of rainbow succeed or renewal six vegas or whatever kind of thing but yeah like putting that on in ri put his own this in this isn't an insult other vr games i hope this feels like a real game like this is something meaning to you're playing in having retirement though.

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