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A navy seal candidate is dead another hospitalized in San Diego after the first phase of training NBC reports the sailors were taken to the hospital Several hours after their first week into becoming navy seals the navy released a statement saying the sailor's death is under investigation while the injured candidate is currently in stable condition Florida senator Marco Rubio says he won't be tuning into the Winter Olympics which are underway in China Rick hoschel has more In a message posted on Twitter Rubio said he wishes nothing but the best for all the Americans competing in Beijing but the Republicans said he won't watch followers celebrate an Olympics hosted by what he called a totalitarian communist regime that lies about COVID and is committing genocide The White House announced a diplomatic boycott of the winter games due to significant human rights abuses carried out by the Chinese government Airlines canceled flights again Saturday as the U.S. deals with the impacts of a winter storm over 1400 flights were canceled I'm Brad seeking Now those Bloomberg sports update They both had disappointing seasons but for one night they had the national television spotlight that ex visiting the Lakers in LA they blew a double digit third quarter lead when they were outscored 31 13 went to overtime and eventually lost to the Lakers one 22 to one 15 RJ Barrett's three pointer with 8 seconds left tied the game He had a career high 36 32 for Julius Randle At the NHL All-Star Game in Vegas the metropolitan division ended up winning the three on three tournament style format Jack used the Devils with three goals and an assist One goal for the rangers Chris kreider Once he's done competing in Beijing U.S. snowboarder Sean white says that'll be it for him as far as competing is concerned He's been dealing with a number of injury issues to his ankles knees and back that have helped him make this call You know I broke down a little got very emotional and called Friends and family manager people and kind of told them where I was at and they were all agreed and said hey beautiful run and let's see this through and see what's next The 35 year old is a three time gold medalist in the halfpipe that competition is coming up this week The first medal of the games for the U.S. came in women's snowboard slope style Julia Moreno the Connecticut native won silver The U.S. women's hockey team now two O after beating the Russian Olympic Committee 5 Nothing up next it's Switzerland later today College troops has stunner from Rutgers who ran at Michigan state in piscataway 84 63 St. John's over butler 75 72 Philadelphia got by Yukon 85 74 Commissioner Roger Goodell is called the NFL's hiring results unacceptable as far as diversity is concerned Goodell sending a memo to all 32 teams is first comments since former dolphins coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the league Where the Bloomberg sports update I'm Frank garrity You're listening to Bloomberg intelligence with Alex Steele and Paul Sweeney on Bloomberg radio We're here each and every week at this time Tapping into our Bloomberg intelligence analysts covering some 2000 companies and 130 industry worldwide On Paul swinney Alex steals out today she'll be back next week All right well in case you haven't heard there is an energy crisis in your particularly with natural guess How are investors playing this to find out Let's bring in Bloomberg intelligence senior energy analyst will hares Well let's step back maybe 30,000 feet and just give us a sense of the not guess situation across Europe and the UK What's happened How do we get here Yeah so as you mentioned Paul Europe has admitted a acute and worsening energy crisis which has been particularly evident in natural gas There's several factors at play here but some of the key ones have been very low storage coming into heating season We're also seeing geopolitical risks So this is coming through with suppressed Russian pipeline supply And we've also seen other elements like nuclear capacity retirements unplanned outages So there's been pressures from multiple of sources and this is really resulting in record low European gas storage And this has pushed European natural gas benchmarks to record levels and just so the American listeners are aware Current natural gas pricing in Europe is roughly 6 to 7 times as expensive as the American benchmarks And here's my naive question of the day which Alex would be very upset if she heard because she is an energy geek which is it's so cheap over here Why don't we just send it to you guys Is there economically it's just not feasible So in short your answer is that it is happening but as gas is a highly regionalized commodity the only way to ship gas from the U.S. to Europe is to LNG and this is happening Europe is buying a lot more LNG cargoes than it has been previously And this is starting to ease the crisis But the way this is really coming through is it pipes natural gas supply So the vast majority of natural gas supply in Europe is meant to Russia and Norway which equates to about two thirds of it And we are seeing suppressed Russian supply as a result of some mounting geopolitical risk And this is the main driver between much lower natural gas storage levels at much higher prices How are investors trying.

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