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But is kind of a bummer right. Nobody wants to get excited about payroll flexibility in atlanta. They wanna get excited about charlie morton and potentially marcelo zuma's. So maybe they should just. They should do that. Be excited about their sport. And then we don't have to have a salary cap or floor and maybe we can skip the confetti altogether. Well i think that also the those. Nba stars are vastly underpaid compared to their value. Yes that's true you know. So they don't need to talk about you know austerity or whatever because know. They're only paying the best players in the game. You know somewhere between thirty and fifty million dollars or whatever it is. i mean. i don't know what you know. Like patrick mahomes whatever deal he designed. It's he's he's more important to the chiefs then. Garrett cole is to the yankees. I can tell you that but patrick mahomes is making less i think than than garrett cole is so especially in guaranteed money. I can't remember exactly what mahomes his contract is. But you get the idea that that those guys are underpaid compared to what their value is you know. That's that's the setup that they've created an baseball hasn't really given in to the owners respect while we have you to together. I wanted to ask you about hassan. Kim who is really intriguing. Free agent who is now available. I think he is being posted on wednesday and as of thanksgiving morning teams will be free to negotiate with him during the thirty eight posting window. And craig you ranked him eighth on your top fifty free agents list and eric. You wrote the player about kim. And i am very eager to see how his skills and performance translate because looking at the stat line. He's a pretty fun and exciting player. He just turned twenty five last month. He's a shortstop and third baseman. Who's been playing in. K b o. And he's coming off his best year yet with a nine twenty one. Ps he hit thirty homers. He stole twenty three bases. He walked more than he struck out. So i like the the numbers. He is not a big guy. What do we know about his physical skills and how they might translate from kipp iota. Mlb i guess where he could potentially be fit. Because we've talked a bunch about good shortstops available via free agency or the trade market and this is another one right so let me start with the caveat right which is that the gap between creon pitching and. Mlb pitching pretty sizable. That the good pitchers in and you can go to the leaderboard on fan graphs and see their names from pro ball over here in america who typically plateaued at double in aaa or were very very injured and had intermittent big time like row wall contra and so whether he can make that leap. We just won't totally know until we see it. But if we're looking at physical skills you can absolutely play shortstop plus plus arm plus runner. He's had a couple dozen steals and homers annually over the last couple of years. he has legit. like above average pull-power all field monster all power. But the bad super-quick. He'll he will turn on and yank out my estimation like eighteen. Twenty you maybe. Twenty two bombs a year over here. The bat does translate while playing a pretty good shortstop and making an impact on the bases. His numbers are better than if you're looking at the guys who got spit out went to keio and came back and played pretty well in mlb. I stretch like eric. Themes his numbers are are better from like a strikeout rate perspective. He is not as with prone in korea as themes and some of the other. Darren rough type guys. Who went over to korean and came back. So that's a good sign. I think for him and that key roster. I watched a lot of during the course of the summer. Because they had kim who was known at the beginning of the year wants to be posted they would eventually signed addison. Russell they have junk who lee. Who's like a twenty three year. Old outfielder who i think will eventually be a better big leaguer than kim. So they're they're officers pretty talented and i really like him a whole lot. And that as the youngest asian available and one of the few shortstops is a guy who could make an impact on both sides of the ball. That yeah i think craig ranked them correctly and craig. We've seen a few guys from your list get signed but mostly on one year deals you know smiley in borton robbie ray that type of player. At what point do you think we might start to see some serious movement with the guys toward the top of the list muto springer and bauer and others of that ilk or are you thinking that this is going to wait until the eve of opening day or or spring training. You know when maybe we know that there will be at spring training and when it will be in what the circumstances of the season will be like. Should we expect any real significant activity. You know before the end of the year or do you think this will probably stretch on. I mean. I think it'll probably take take a while. You know. i think that. After the top guys i it certainly seems like the starting pitching market will pick up you know but at the top of of the market. There's only one guy is trevor bauer. So it's hard to to gauge. Exactly what he is going to want or choose free agency. And then i think the rea- mutola springer it's possible we see something happened with them after the non tender deadline. But i think it's more likely that we see teams than players waiting until there's a little bit more certainty about what type of of revenue that that teams are be are going to be bringing in. You know that. Said if the mets decide you know they went to start making some moves. Then they're going to get the market moving and it's possible that happens. Of course they also don't have a general manager so you know i think that there's there's a few things that they're waiting on. You know just to add to the notes. On on kim hughes he was a very hard guide ranked because you noted his his projections would make him the top guy and free agency. Because the the years that you're getting from getting from springer enron Are in their thirties. They're likely as good as there are ever going to be a right now. Whereas kim there's some projection. Where if he's you know somewhere close to a a three and a half four when player now that he should maintain that throughout the rest of his twenties. But like eric said you know. There's there's some question marks about exactly how how hill he'll be able to play given given the level of competition so i just sort of sort of hedged my bets. I guess a little bit on where where to put him You know and and just moved him a little bit down the list behind a guys that have had more a track record but you know in terms of upside in terms of getting the most performance. He's probably the the the best bet would be a good fit for a high variance teams sort of trying to come out of a rebuilt our baby one year. Out of the rebuild. Something like that where you need things to go right to sort of stay in contention. Free agents aren't the only thing that we rank at fan graphs and so i guess we'll close by asking you eric. We're about to start on our prospect list process. And it's going to be an unusual one for you so i wonder if you could give our listeners. A preview of some of the challenges that you've had to think through and make decisions on as you embark on this season. Okay yeah so it's three or four. Fold in some respects is easier. I can just learned anything else about this guy. This year really couldn't so Not to do anything there but in other respects it is hard because a lot of times the way i look at players is if you can see the tip of the iceberg..

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