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Am the answer. Tumble out of bed in the stumble to the kitchen for myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life shower in the blood starts pumping out on the streets of traffic starts jumping with folks like me on the job from 9 to 5 working Living room by then. You welcome back American to you. And thanks so much for listening to you. You would show If you did not listen earlier. The devastation India is simply off the charts. I was just describing to my friend Mike read in Dallas that it is a once in a generation, maybe once in three generation. Disaster. I We've seen disasters before, like the Haiti earthquake. And the Uh, Guatemalan volcano. And of course, we've seen localized disasters in the United States, such as fires that rampage through communities and floods. This cove it in India. Is the worst thing I think I've seen. I was alive for Mao's famine in the great leap forward, but we didn't see it. Was alive for the genocide in Cambodia and the Rwandan genocide, but we didn't see it. We're alive for the Syrian Um neo genocide. I will call it a half million dead in Syria. We couldn't do anything about it or President Obama chose not to. On. So they were their disasters about which we could do nothing and those which precede us, but we can do something about the Indian disaster. I don't know what we're gonna do yet. I don't know how they fetching Mr Schue it and I will support. I don't know who does what in India. But A Christian church is going to be obliged to do so. I don't know if Catholic charities is there or world vision. I haven't investigated it yet. But it seems to be the Christian Church is gonna have to do something because it is. It's off the charts. Awful. That is the only story in the world if we had a worldview. Yeah, a supposed to an American view. All we would do is talk all day long about The terrible suffering in India because they've run out of everything. People are dying in the street. Now, you say, Well, people die in the streets all the time and yet not Not like that. Yeah, you've seen from Dog millionaire and you know that there is poverty in India that is excruciating and vast. Like there is in Brazil and like there is and in so many places in the world and downtown L a on skid row. But you've never seen anything like India right now. A Zafar as I can tell by reading the international press. It's not much covered. To run out of oxygen and literally run out of space, and they're opened up. Railway cars and stadium and gymnasium. A and sports facilities everywhere and they're still running out of space. So you got a billion three people. At 1.3 billion people, It's five times as large of the United States. And 1/5 the capacity of how I just made that up, But it's the kind of scale I want your five times the population 1 50 ability to deliver health care to the poorest segment. Because in the United States, nobody's ever turned away. You might not be able to pay might turn out to be financially ruinous. But you won't be turned away anywhere. And we never, ever hit the tipping point in our cove. It crisis because we were well managed. Forget the political stuff. Our system worked. We Way slowed. Flatten the curve. Gave our health care system a chance to catch up. Almost broken a few places had a couple of bad weeks in New York City, some terrible mismanagement by Governor Cuomo. Some terrible calls out of Washington, D. C. The CDC testing system broke down. But we rallied and we got it done. Even California, where Gavin Newsom is facing a recall, never talked capacity there out of capacity in India everywhere. And that is why it's a unique disaster. I, uh I also was talking. I'll take a couple more calls at 1 805 2 a 1234. About the About the Decisions by Coca Cola and Delta. And Major League Baseball to go political in Georgia. And my friend Dick Dick Hauser sent me a note. And so that's going to raise some pretty interesting issues for corporate governance as well. Now I'm surprised Dick is back from the low amateur at the Masters. I believed it was eligible at the Masters this year is low amateur. And, um, yeah, they allow a few amateurs in every year and you got to be really good. And I think that was Dick this year was in Augusta as one of the low amateurs, but he know Georgia firsthand from that experience. Dick is a really good golfer. That's why I want to be deputy counsel to the president because He was deputy counsel. The president when I was busy as assistant counsel in the White House, defending the presidential Seal and Dick Was out there listening on the golf course, that various clubs around the D. C area as to what people was. That was his job. He was the eyes and ears. Fred Building and Ronald Reagan. In the foursomes of D. C. Have you ever seen that poster? The doors of D C or the doors of Boston? Well, they've got the foursomes of the of the Beltway. And Dick was our eyes and ears. He was our intel machine, and he brought backward from the various places that which The plaid pant people would gather And the Bermuda shorts, people would gather And it's always long right damage Her and so when he comes back from Georgian tells me it raises issues of corporate governance. It does. And in the debt ceiling. Debate ahead. I've got a few ideas. I wouldn't mind seeing the Republican Senate attach a billionaire's tax. I wouldn't mind seeing The Uh, The GOP attach a corporate governance. Statute. Allowing Shareholder standing for any company that takes a political position that hurts the company. And by the way you can't judge some.

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