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Welcome to the show. Thanks to tune in. i appreciate your time. I appreciate your energy that you've been given to the show and listen if things resonate with you make sure to share it naturally to other people because this is the way were supposed to get out information now because you know we can't just all of these same platforms anymore. We just can. I don't care what side of the aisle on it you are that there's just some gnarly corruption and i don't i don't dig it man. I don't dig it. But i love to be able to sit down with great people with their hearts in place and moving forward in their lives effecting change there's no one greater that's contributing to this then shawn stevenson. There's a lot of great people out there doing great things moving forward but this dude is also dedicating his life to getting out information so we kind of spent the afternoon together. He came out. We sat under an oak tree. We both been meaning to connect with each other for the last couple years and we finally did it. I was blown away like he has the number one health podcast in the us millions of listeners. Millions of downloads. And i was so touched by his commitment his authenticity his intelligence so we started to get into a little bit on the side of like. When you see things and peel back the layers. You see that there's agendas going on and that's not cool. We need to push back. We have allowed. You know big brother and big sister to Control some things we need. start saying. Listen this is our freedom. This is our sovereignty we started to dabble into that. You went to the university of missouri. St louis studied business. He studied biology and nutritional science. He was a founder of advanced. Integrative health alliance a company that provides wellness services for individuals and other organizations. He's had a whole clinical nutrition background working directly with the doctors and people straight on so he really has an insight into what people are challenged with. You wrote an incredible book way before people were people talking about sleep like crazy right now and he actually wrote a book While back called sleep smarter. Encourage you to check that out but he also wrote a new book that has just released called eat smarter. Listen this is not his point of view necessarily is his point of view based on data he is gathered clinical data and this is an important thing to understand because he is digging into that research and putting it in a way that people can understand he's been featured in forbes and one of the fast companies the new york times muscle and fitness. Abc news espn. All of this stuff. And he is just a solid solid dude. Who's caring about you. Me the world at large and is really hitting it. And i really loved sitting down with brother like this and really number one getting to finally meet him but also really fiving with his mission and the i'm just gonna say it. It's not the last time. I'm going to be collaborating with this dude. So i'm really grateful that we were able to sit down and unpacked some of the things that he's been working on for twenty plus years okay. He's got incredible background. He's had to pull up the bootstraps and take a look at his life and take responsibilities. Had some really diverse challenges in his life. And i just really appreciate this guy. And i know that you will too so hook in hold on an joy my good new friend shawn stevenson. You know it's so crazy and this was all out of saint louis missouri. You know. of course it's the health hub of the universe That sarcasm I'm just. I'm very inquisitive person. You know. I think it starts with that always so even one of my big mandates is just to inspire curiosity because rather than me during the david blaine thing and just trying to convince you. It's just getting you to ask question within yourself and once we could do that man some magical things start to happen and you know so much of what i'll say is going to be mirrored by what folks are doing. And of course you're doing whether we realize it or not and one of the big tenants of realities at food is just food. It's information and every bite of food that we eat literally in these are some of the things i just integrated throughout the pages of each smarter. The new book nutrigenomics neutra genetics literally is determining what your genes are doing. You know this is such a massively powerful thing. And i grew up in. I think part of what has made it to where i've seen this level of like all these different cool things have happened. You know in the space. My last books smarter became international. Bestseller's firstly wellness book to become an international bestseller's translating twenty different countries. In you know it's kind of dismiss it was the first domino in this wave of like. I just did a just did a talk for tom. Brady's t twelve company. They've got like sleep wellness coaches. This didn't exist and many of these folks. No data like they use my language that i really pushed into popular lexicon. But they don't know me they don't know where it came from and that's the power of a variety to him. You know even though we have all these other sources of communication. It's still one of those cool ones but so even that becoming a possibility. I think i'm good at it. Because of how terrible war my health and my exposure was growing up. You know when. I when.

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